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Cookies & Cake together ....mmmm

Today was D day - Doctor Day. I had this brilliant idea to WALK to my doctor's appointment this morning at 9am - well I had to be there at 9am so I had to get up before 8am and leave at about 8:15. Yaaaaaah. Surprisingly I did it! I got up with my alarm while my husband snored softly beside me. I had a shower, got dressed and had a small bowl of cereal. Somehow I still managed to leave late. I walked out the door at 8:25 and by 8:35 I was wondering what the hell I was doing. I was so tempted to turn around and get my car. But NO I perservered and walked hard to get to my appointment. I made it to the office by 9:01! Giggidy!

Of course I was sweating like a mofo in my doctor's office and I'm sure he was wondering what the hell was wrong with me. My bp was slightly elevated 123/78 which doesn't really seem bad to me but what do I know? He quizzed me and I told the truth (fell off the exercise train but was back on it and yah sort of eating healthy). The thing is these past 2 weeks with my walking at lunch and after dinner (yah we kept that up!) has been awesome. I've felt SO good. I would love to say I've seen results already but yah not so much. But feeling better is half the battle right? Now I just gotta keep it up!

Last weekend we were in Kingston visiting my younger brother and fam. We even babysat Little D Saturday afternoon which was fun. Even though I had to change a dirty diaper - ew. We fed him, bathed him and had him ready for the babysitter who was due to arrive at 6pm. Oh I should mention that whenever there was a knock at the door he would cry cause he figured it was someone else coming to take his parent's place. The knock came and I opened the door to the babysitter - an 18 year girl he had never met and he was in LOVE. He smiled and held her hand and when she picked him up he coo'd. Coo'd!!! When we left I waved goodbye and the little bugger waved goodbye back! Actually I wasn't upset I was relieved. I had actually lost sleep the night before worrying about leaving my nephew with a stranger and yah in all honesty I don't know if I could have left if he had been sobbing his little heart out. I felt this huge weight leave my chest. I have NO idea how people with kids do it. No idea.

So yah after my 2 hour walk this morning (minus 20 minutes for the appointment and getting my meds) it was a rather dull day. My poor hubs and I were batting heads over stupid issues. Not one of our best days. Tonight I finally got around to dying my hair. I think it turned out more blonde than I thought it would but I won't know for sure till it dries. Whatev. Maybe if it's blonder my head will stop burning so much when I go for walks. I already change my clothes when I walk - I can't add wearing a hat as well - my hair goes FLAT and does not come back after wearing any kind of hat. The people at work already have to see me walk around sweaty and red when I get back from my walk I just can't add the flat hair!

A'ight it's bedtime for moi. Early yes but I want to get up and walk tomorrow before we leave for my parents. We're heading there to help celebrate Father's Day. I bought my dad a comfy camping chair that is 'durable and strong'. Hopefully I won't offend him. I also got him a cookie cake which you know is awesome for a family full of diabetics but meh what ya gonna do? Life's too short not to have a piece of (cookie) cake once in a while!

11:37 p.m. - 2011-06-17


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