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Must. Update. Diary. Must. Not. Just. Read. Other. People's. Peoples? People's? Meh Whatev.

So yah been meaning to update but I get side tracked quite easily or so it seems. I think of wonderful things to write while I'm out walking but then as soon as I get a chance to sit and write *poof* they are gone. So let's talk about what I do remember - this past weekend!

It was a long weekend for everyone it seemed. Canada Day fell on a Friday which was wonderful. The hubs and I had no plans which wasn't so wonderful cause I loves to do stuff especially on a long weekend. So I let my fingers do the walking and made some plans, conferred with the hubs who also made some plans - we debated and came up with the perfect plan. Friday we headed in to T dot and went to Rib fest where we walked around and ate meat and had a great time. I even managed not to buy anything! The hubs bought 2 belts for $10 at my insistence. He always needs belts but won't buy them! We got home late afternoon, rested - literally - I fell asleep! Then headed back out to watch fireworks. Saturday we were up early-ish and packed the car and headed for Wasaga Beach. I managed to get us a hotel room for the night which wasn't easy. But I found a good deal at a fancy schmancy hotel about 40 minutes from the beach. I did have one option for a place actually in Wasaga for double the money and the place was a dive. I was okay going with the farther one. We spent all day Saturday there and when it was time to retrace our steps to the hotel we um headed in the wrong direction. If you head down Hwy 26 West to get should take East going back. Just saying. Although no word of a lie the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. The mountains were just....magical. The view was Stunning. I, for one, was glad that we went the wrong direction.

Sunday we checked out of our hotel after eating a hot (free) breakfast and went back to the beach where the sky was clear and the sun was hot. Another lovely day well spent! I did manage to buy one thing (I love to shop!) even though the hubs hates it - I bought a $5 hoodie!

I wrote this a few weeks ago - I just found it in my drafts folder:

The walking thing is still going strong! I know Ė week 3 Ė Iím shocked too! My shins are freakiní killing me though. I googled it (of course) and found out that my strides were too big and thus aggravating my shins. I tried talking shorter strides at a quicker pace today (only after my shins began to cry in protest when I started out as I normally do) and I think it seemed to help. Itís hard to take smaller strides sometimes though. Especially when a song comes on that you REALLY like and want to bop along too. Todayís song was courtesy of the movie ďMusic & LyricsĒ with Hugh G. & Drew B. Have you seen that movie? It is now one of my favourites. The music video at the start of the movie is so funny Ė and so true of videos in the 80ís! The song was Pop Goes my Heart and yah I actually did a little hop as I walked along the path and Iím sure the people driving by thought I was insane. A crazy lady in a neon pink top (yah itís very pink Ė itís a UVSkinz top) and big orange head phones on Ė the head phones are shaped like old fashioned speakers Ė um Iím not explaining this very well. (But yah RazerVixen if you ever are in my area downtown and see this crazy woman walking along probably mouthing the words because Iím lame like that feel free to stop me and say Hi!).


Mkay that's all I can spew out for now. I am TIRED. So I will go and feed my addiction and read some journals before bed - I was computer free for 3 days doncha know!

9:27 p.m. - 2011-07-04


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