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Wow that A word just comes out quite naturally lately

Man, never sell anything on ki-ji-ji, cause it Ruins your life! You wait on people who say they are showing up at such a time or you rush home to make sure you are there when they say they will be. OH and they never show up!!! The hubs is the one selling our 2 air conditioners but I'm the one who has to suffer. Right now we are waiting for a gal who said she would show up 'after 5:30'. Of course our propane chose this moment to run out and Mr Man thinks I should pick up the tank and run to the nearest store and pick up a new tank. I can barely carry the damn empty one. Plus? I hate doing that crap. On Friday we had to rush home from wedding stuff with T cause someone said they would be by - they were a no-show and we didn't end up eating dinner till 9pm. People are damn inconsiderate and it's a Very good thing Keith is answering these people cause I can tell you for damn sure I'd be sending a bitchy reply when they didn't show. If you no longer want the item then send a quick email - it's not a big deal - we can move on to the next person. Inconsiderate Assholes.

Deeeeeep breath. So what's been happening? It was a wickedly hot weekend. On Saturday we went to the beach. We drove around and around looking for parking - nothing. We went to our plan B area - nothing. Finally we just drove further away and parked and walked 15 minutes to the beach - carrying all our stuff. Now I must say last time we did that walk (last year I believe) I was so winded and felt like crap. This time? It was easy peasy. I could have kept walking even after carrying all that stuff! It's the small things I tell ya.

The hubby and I have missed our evenings walks lately for various reasons. I intend on getting him out tonight but who knows since he's obviously displeased with me (see above: propane tank). But I noticed that when we do walk I tend to open up and babble about all sorts of stuff. Stuff that I would normally babble about in here. Well except for that one night where we were pissy with each other so we didn't talk for the last half of our walk. I think that was during my 'hormone' overdrive time. Seriously this last pms was a bitch! One night I came home after work upset cause I had a Horrible Day and I felt like grabbing a pillow screaming into it as loud as I could and then sobbing for a good 5 minutes. I didn't so I had all that pent up emotion. I tried to talk the hubby into a movie and he said yes and then no and then it was getting too late so he said no and then I stood up and the waterworks just flooded out. And yup I was pretty much sobbing. Over a movie. But we all know it wasn't over a movie, I just needed the release. And yah we went to the movie. I think he was scared not to!

So the beach. We went to GB this past weekend and thankfully unlike the other beach we went to a few weeks ago there were no missing kids. For real the 2 days we went there both days had missing kids! The first one had me freaked out. It was a 3 or 4 year old who wandered off and all these adults were running around calling his name and going up and down the beach. They got the police involved and just as the search was getting organized they found the boy some ways down the beach wandering. The dad grabbed the kid so hard and pulled him to him and just held him. Keith looked at me just as I let out one of this little cries that means that I may break down. I didn't even know this kid but I could feel the relief coming from this family. 'Shew my eyes just teared up again thinking of it! So yah if you have kids and go to the beach keep your damn eyes on them at all the times - my ticker can't take all this emotional crap!

A few nights ago I was playing on Utube and listening to songs from a soap hunk (well back in the day he was) and oh my lord did that bring me back to my teenage years when I was glued to the tube between 3 and 4pm every day. Or if I couldn't watch it my brother would record it on the vcr. He even recorded a song by this guy from the vcr to tape for me. It was just crazy going down memory lane like that. Crazy in a good way though!

So this weekend is the big bachelorette party for T. In the Falls. Girls have been dropping like flies and I can't say I'm unhappy about that. I know! Wrong eh? But the less girls the easier to manage everything and everyone. So far there are 5 of us and 2 unknowns (they are supposed to be yes' but I won't count 'em til they confirm it in writing!). I'm kind of excited about it but kind of dreading it at the same time. Last night I spent way too long ironing on transfers to blank tank tops for the girls in the wedding party. They say 'party girl' and T's says "bachelorette'. They don't know about them - hopefully they go over well. C isn't coming. She is doing the invitro thing again and is hoping the procedure is this week and will need to rest and be stress free. As I told Keith even if it got cancelled at the last minute she still wouldn't come. She doesn't want to go.

Well I better go check on the man upstairs. He is waiting for yet another person while now cooking our dinner in the oven. He's pissed cause it will make the house hot which does suck cause the heat hasn't broke yet. He's been doing All the house chores lately and I expect he's getting sick of it. But he hasn't been working so it only makes sense yes? Although he has even taken to doing my laundry which freaks me right out. Luckily he hangs everything - outside even! He also uses fabric softener which kills me for some reason. I haven't done my laundry in well over a month! So far we've only had one t-shirt incident - one of my sleeping tops has mysterious white splotches.

Speaking of work - times are Lean right now. The hubby has some work lined up for the end of the month but he's trying to get a bit more. Like I said I love having him home for the summer and we've done SO much because of it. But at the same time the bills are piling up - yikes! I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too dang it! Well the hubs just came down and fed me some chicken so I guess he doesn't hate me. He has resigned himself that the chick isn't showing up for the air conditioner. I told him I wanted to reply to her and tell her what an asshole she is...but he won't let me. Men.

6:01 p.m. - 2011-07-11


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