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Mmmm slice me a piece of that humble pie please!

Knowing I wouldnít be able to walk at lunch today due to a meeting I couldnít miss I decided last night to go to bed early and get up this morning and walk. I know the suspense if killing you to find out if I succeeded in doing this so let me put you out of your misery and tell you that no I did not succeed. Oh My God. In fact I am more tired for trying to make myself go to bed early and the end result was turning out the lights at 11pm and tossing and turning till well after midnight. WTF??

Needless to say I reset my alarm this morning to the regular time (and then even later) and I still feel like a sack of poop. Ugh. I blame it on my co-workers. A few of them have started doing that thing where they look at me and ask me if Iím losing weight. Damn you people for noticing! Although one co-worker does this thing where she touches my stomach which is just...not cool. I ainít pregnant so that is just double wrong in my books.

Our air con didnít get picked up last night Ė surprise surprise. Keith wonít let me reply to these people about being inconsiderate a-holes. He says it will accomplish nothing which I disagree with. Number one it will make me feel better for letting them know what dicks they are being and number two (heh) if even ONE person gets an email back letting them know how inconsiderate they are and it makes them Pause in their thinking then I feel itís worth it. And for the record I wasnít going to blast them or swear in an email. I was just going to reply with ďSorry you werenít interested in purchasing our air conditioner maybe next time you can let a seller know you are not interested and they can move on to someone else who is.Ē Or some crap like that. I doubt they are going to see the light and quit being aholes but I would feel better and really thatís all that matters.

But I sure hope he sells these things. Not just for the money but I think it would make him feel a LOT better. I did tell him if we take them off the site for a while and do put them back on I think I will sell them. Which sounds wrong I know. But my man is very non committal in emails and I am more IN Your Face when selling things. I donít give one word answers when people email me. I get tons of details from them. I find out if they are FOR SURE coming to pick it up and an EXACT time. None of this Ďafter 5í BS people keep giving Keith. But like I said I hope he sells them cause it will do him good. you have any crow I can eat? The hubs just emailed me and told me that our home phone was messed up last night cause the girl tried calling. Our phone is getting messed up a LOT lately and this just isnít acceptable. Well now I am so glad I didnít email the girl with both barrels blazing. She still could have emailed (Iím trying to retain some dignity here) once she realized she couldn't get through to us via the phone.

Well it's way past my bedtime and I wicked tired. And I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow morning - like 15 minutes after I arrive! Who does that? She does cause she's so super busy she'd have to keep delaying the meeting - damn her for figuring it out! Sigh.


10:49 p.m. - 2011-07-12


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