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Nervous Nelly in the Hoooouse!

So it begins. The mixture of excitment and Freaking out for the weekend ahead. The drive down is mostly smoothed out - well except for damn S who is of the rare breed that NEVER goes on her computer and doesn't use one at work - thus tralalalala I have to wait eons for a reply. BUT my biggest concern is the hotel. I am nearly hyperventalating just thinking about it. See, we have 7 people staying in a 2 person suite. Uh yah. Keith isn't helping, he's putting all these thoughts in my head about cameras in the hotel and the hotel locking the back door so all 7 of us drunk girls will be trooping in walking by the front desk at 2am. Let me just say I am not good with authority. At all. And not in the sense that I stick up my middle finger and yell obscene things but instead I roll over and show my belly. Fear the authority. I don't know what my parents did to me growing up but that's just how I am.

Oh and I just noticed now while on the hotel website = they had family suites - 3 beds!!!! Ugh I'm an idiot. Ah well I told Keith that if we do get kicked out it would make one hell of a story no? I figure they can't say jack about us hanging out in hte room up until the time we troop in single file in the middle of the night - then they may question us about what rooms we're in. Why this would happen I have no idea, I've never stayed at a hotel that questioned me before - EVER. But there's a first time for everything eh? My man is all *I* would have been honest up front. I'm gonna have to stop thinking about this cause I'm seriously giving myself a head ache. Deep breaths. It's out of my hands now - well until we get to the hotel and the lying begins. Oy.

I am totally undoing the yoga I just finished. I can feel and see the progress I am making. I even put my head to the brick on one of the moves today!!! Of course at the end during the relaxtion pose my head was buzzing with this bachelorette crap so no relaxation for me!

I had to schedule in an unexpected hair cut this Friday. Today I was wearing my hair half up (pulled up on the sides) and as I was walking to coffee break this morning a co-worker gasped and asked why my hair was uneven. Huh?? Yah apparently it looks uneven! I even took it down and they said it still seems crooked. I plan on marching in there on Friday telling the guy (it's a guy this time) that I got my hair cut about 3 months ago HERE and now people are telling me my hair is uneven!!!

Okay I gotta go find out if I'm getting fed soon - I'm starving! The hubs and I chatted for a while when i got home from work so I stared exercising late. Then he had to go fill our propane tank. He also booked 2 more weeks of work in between that so woohoo - money!!

Mkay I'm outta here - time to go and be a worry wort somewhere else!!!

6:39 p.m. - 2011-07-13


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