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Shoes are actually a girls best friend!

Hot, hungry and tired! Ugh this walking at lunch is supposed to give me energy right? My legs are hurting still. But interestingly they donít hurt at all during my evening walks with the hubs. I do have new shoes at home Ė gel things even. I think Iíve had these shoes 2 maybe 3 years? But they look in good condition! My hubbyís solution is to wear my Ďgel sneakersí back and forth to work and change into sandals once at work and wear the sneakers on my lunch walks and so on and so forth. This little action plan doesnít really work for me. I figure since Iím going to the Falls this weekend I may run into a super good deal for running shoes and voila problem solved!

Today on my walk I was jiving to my music when this guy rode by on a bike, he turned around and gave a wave Ė being the polite Friendly Canadian Girl I am I waved right back automatically. Then he turned around and waved again at me. I didnít wave that time cause hey I ainít that friendly! Then he turned around a third time just to look. Iím thinking my neon pink shirt blinded him. Or it was my huge boobs he was staring at Ė either or.

Tonight C is coming over to drop money off for the bachelorette party sheís not going to! Who am I to deter her! We decided to invite her and her hubs for dinner. They surprised us by accepting!


So we had a good night with C and her hubby. They showed up just as we put dinner on the table and we all sat down to smoked ribs, wings and a homemade bean salad. We then cajoled them in to taking a walk to our 'new park' and they loved it. We spent a lot of time walking around showing them the sights. You almost would think Keith and I had a stake in this and/or actually built it ourselves! Afterwards we all came back and had dessert - brownies, strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream in a cute sundae glass. Then C gave me money for the bachelorette. Of course I think she was rethinking it and my protests of she didn't have to were actually working there way through her head so when she held out the money I snatched it up. This girl is poor!! She said if I didn't spend it on T I could give it back to her. Heh. Yah that ain't likely!!

So I made a decision tonight to ease my guilty conscience. Actually I didn't come to this idea until I was pushed into a corner by a girl who wanted to drive and meet us there. I got all freaked out thinking about how cloak and dagger I'd have to be and I started to get uber upset. So finally I went on their website and found out it's only $15 a person/per night extra. Now I'm not an idiot and going to say 7 girls are staying in a room but I'm thinking we can totally tell them 4 and get away with it. I would totally absorb the $30 extra it will cost to keep my sanity.

So somehow I have to stay up to at least 1am. I want to be in tiptop shape Saturday night and not be the lame one yawning in a corner at midnight. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow then going to T's work - handing over some clothes for her step-daughter and then going to get my hair cut! Then I will finish any and all packing so I can sleep in till the very last second on Saturday!

Maybe I will go and decide what shoes to bring for Saturday. Cause it's just never one pair don't ya know.

10:24 p.m. - 2011-07-14


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