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Drank lots of water today *hint hint*

Did you know the only place I really drink water is at work? Which explains why Iím so thirsty today since I didnít drink any yesterday. Heh. See what I did there? Yah I wasnít at work yesterday. I went to bed at a decent time Monday night but woke up around 4am and fell back into a fitful sleep until 5am when I woke up from a nightmare. My heart was pounding and I immediately jumped out of bed to get away from my dream. I wonít go into dream detail cause hello zzzzzz but letís just say it involved people getting murdered in front of my eyes and a psycho killer on the loose. See dreams never sound that scary or bad the next day Ė especially in daylight. Keith was just leaving for work as I rambled on about my dream and he urged me to go back to bed and sleep. I did go back to bed but could not sleep for the life of me. I would peek every so often at my bedroom door expecting it to suddenly be smashed open and to see the killer there. *shudder*

So yah when my alarm went off at 6:50 I layed there motionless and did not want to get out of bed. My head was pounding and my stomach was doing that flip flop thing from lack of sleep. I finally showered at the point where I should have been nearly ready and then called in sick at the time I should have been half way to work. I did agonize over calling since hello who wants to be sick when they take time off work? Mental health day yes Ė actual sick day no. But since my company is voting on a new contract today in which we lose a lot of our sick days I figure I might as well use them! Well we donít lose what weíve accumulated but from now on we will have a LOT less. Goodbye mental health days!

Anywho I spent the day wandering from room to room unsure what to do with myself. I think itís the first time Iíve been alone for any amount of time since Keith stopped working. Iím not gonna deny I was a little giddy over the fact that I was alone in the house! I watched crappy day time tv and even fell asleep during it! I watched my recorded shows, did some dishes, cleaned out the spare room a bit and then when I was thinking of watching a movie in walked the hubby around 3pm. Damn! Of course I couldnít be mad at him since itís hotter than hades outside and he was so hot he had stopped perspiring.

By 7 we were both starving and too lazy to cook (or more likely bbq cause it would be suicide to cook inside!). We had to go to the warehouse for him anyway so we picked up a couple pitas for dinner.

I also finally remembered to put our 2 acís back on ki-ji-ji. There were a TON of them on there so I was a little disheartened to find that out. I put the ad up around 9pm and the automatic response said it would be 24 hours before they were posted. Keith said it would be sooner. When I got in to work this morning I had over 15 responses! I began to email everyone back and gave the same reply:

"Hi it's still available - we got a lot of responses. My husband is home throughout the day today so if you are serious and want it just call him to arrange a time. Since ki-ji-ji is unreliable (unfortunately) it is going to be on a first come first serve basis."

Then I left the house number for them to call. Within 2 hours both units were picked up and paid for at the price we asked!!! I know I said Iím a better seller than the hubby but Iím pretty sure the extreme heat wave we have going on is also a huge part of it. Of course putting in the response that we were selling it first come first serve probably didnít hurt. People are getting worse and worse on that site. They will try and talk you down no matter what and then not even show up or email if they have a better deal. I made sure to respond to every single person Ė even once it was sold. Plus I immediately took our ads down. (Oh and 2 people emailed ME back to thank me for letting them know)

This weather is not helping the exercise regime Ė at all. I havenít walked in 6 days!!! The weekend for obvious reasons but since then itís just been too damn hot to even consider. Iím not going to put my body through that. I know Iíd only feel like crap walking in this kind of heat plus Iím sure people with the Ďmedical conditionsí like me shouldnít be doing that stupid stuff. Although I had no excuse not to be doing yoga (or other exercise) in my basement so thatís a my-bad. Tonight after work for sure I will get some exercise.

I know we wait and wait for the heat all year long but this is just too extreme. Itís gonna be like 105 with the humidity (for all you non-Canadians). 31 or 78 is fine by me! You donít feel like youíre gonna pass out when you walk out the door. Although you know if I had a pool or a beach close by it would be a whole different ball game!

Well it's bedtime. I did do Yoga tonight AND take a walk - solo after the hubby went to bed. It was humid but really not all that bad. I sweated a lot still. Here's to a sweet - cool - night sleep with NO nightmares!

10:18 p.m. - 2011-07-20


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