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Waaaaz up?

I just finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. I'm not gonna lie I had NO idea what this movie was about - in fact I um sort of thought dancing was involved cause that's what all the trailers showed back in the day - that big dance scene at the end. Imagine my surprise when the movie was filled with violence and disturbing scenes. But with that said I did enjoy it. I am glad I finally saw it!

Now I am tired but I had the 'puter still on so thought I'd whip an entry together. I wrote this earlier:

I thought about going to the dollar store on my lunch today and then decided on second thought that I should probably get back into walking on my lunch hours. The heat wave isnít over but it isnít crazy and in the 40ís like the last couple days Ė just in the 30ís. Plus itís cloudy so that gave me no excuse not to walk. Oh and the fact that co-workers are still saying how good I look and all that crap. Nobody close to me has commented so I donít know whatís up with that. Although when you see people every day itís hard to see any subtle changes. Plus when I walk into work Ė I normally am walking at brisk pace, head up, shoulders back and looking and acting all Ďwaz upí. When Iím at home Iím slumped beside my husband on the couch which emphasises the Ďrollsí quite nicely. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where his girlfriend walked around naked and she looked great Ė until she hunched over and coughed or something equally lame like that. Lame but fun-ny.

So it may be time to bite the bullet and start dragging my new sneakers into work in the mornings (I didnít find any in the Falls Ė mainly because the girls decided they didnít want to shop after all!). And now the money is just too tight to justify a new pair so I guess I will carry my one good pair to and fro work everyday!


So tonight Keith was talking to his mom and they had called to ask us if we wanted to go to a semi-family get together tomorrow at a town 3 hours away - okay fine maybe only 2. Keith is working so then they asked if I just wanted to go. Um..hell no! No offense I love the in-laws and everyone is great but I am just a fish out of water with them. I'm not a socializer. I would rather sit with a good book in the sun minding my own business then make awkward chit chat. Plus it's awkward enough with the extended family during the November family reunion - job is good, Keith and I are well...nope no babies yet! End of conversation. Yah spare me.

Mkay I am tired and need to go to bed. Here's to sleeping in on a Saturday morning - booyah!

12:23 a.m. - 2011-07-23


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