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Yah I'm posting this with spelling errors...that I know of!

I had good intentions to come downstairs - catch up on FB for a few minutes - write a quick entry here and then work on my moh speach for T's wedding. I need D-land to figure out a few dates (and this is why I write in here). BUT that was an hour ago! Instead I started a chatting session with my sil on fb and then another friend (the one who I'm on shaky terms with as we haven't seen each other in well over a decade). I was a chatting machine between the two. It was crazy - but good. Finally I just had to tell them I was going to bed and then logout cause otherwise I would still show online unless I made myself unavailable but I'm sure that would look bad after having a conversation and then taking myself offline. It was bad enough that halfway through chatting FB kicked me out and it took forever to log back in!!

August is kicking my ass - in a good way. I have all 3 day and 4 day work weeks which is awesome! This week was a 3 day work week so tomorrow is my Friday. Sweet. After work I'm supposed to go out with a co-worker for dinner and cosco. We were supposed to do that on Tuesday but she cancelled so who knows if it will happen tomorrow.

Friday I plan on spending ALL day working on this house. And I mean getting up at like 8am - exercising and then CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. The countdown is on till our company arrives and I have to get our shit together. I don't know how T doesn't make lists! She is down to the details of her wedding and the girl wont' write stuff down - how is that possible???

We just got our brakes fixed on our small car. $500. Ouch. We are down to pennies in our account - it is weeping. I don't know how we're getting by. Oh wait - credit. Not good I know. But you do what you have to to get by. Keith should have money coming in soon which will help with the backlog. Ugh. I hate this feeling.

This weekend we're heading to the shwa for my family reunion. My parents are leaving early which is funny but annoying. They always overbook themselves!!! Afterwards we are heading to my older brother and his family where we are spending the night (the first time ever!). They are holding a b-day party for my nephew so it worked out really good.

Alright I have to cut this short - I need to pretend to work on my moh speach while watching big brother cause I know my co-worker (the dinner one) will talk about it tomorrow!

10:14 p.m. - 2011-08-10


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