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Vacay Recap

Hm maybe first I should reacquaint myself with typing cause hello I am making a lot of mistakes!

So the vacation is over once again. Sigh. I have other stuff lined up but I still have to deal with the blues of my week long summer vacay being done and over. I am SO glad I took today off. If for no other reason then I took a 3 hour 'wake-up' from my sleeping last night. I woke up at 4am and could not fall back asleep till 7am. That was a big ol' WTF? I got very little sleep this week so it was quite shocking that I didn't sleep like the dead for 10 hours straigh. But let's just jump into the details shall we? I took my vacation journal so I don't have to write down all the boring details here (yay).

My bro and his fam arrived at 1am Friday morning. My sil and I talked my bro out of going to work with Keith with 3 hours sleep. But we were all up super early thanks to Mr D. I did actually muster up enough energy to go and get my blood work done. We were hoping to leave for our cottage by 2pm but at 2:30 we got a call from Keith he was going to be another 2 hours - his day wasn't going well. It wasn't all that bad since we weren't ready to leave yet anyway. Then right as Keith got home my brother broke the strap of the luggage rack we were putting on the top of their van. An hour later and the strap was fixed. I called the cottage just to check the owner would be there - she sounded surprised we were coming up (uh oh) and confirmed with me again that there was younger people there and there would be partying going on. Looking back I see she was basically begging me not to come while you know still pay for the night. Nope. We trudged on. I drove the van at my sil's request. We got there around 7-ish and the music was BOOM BOOM BOOMING already. Half clad tanned bodies were running around with beer cups into each other's cottages. We got some weird looks walking into the main area with a toddler. Girls ooh'd and ahh'd at Mr D while most of the guys gave a quick look, shrugged and went back to yelling and whatnot. Thankfully once in the cottage we were able to tune them out even though they were 5 feet from our door most times. In fact at one point they were at our designated picnic table and the owner's daughter came and kicked them off it. Luckily my bro and sil had an air filter machine that drowned out sound so he slept like a baby (heh). Mine and Keith's room had bunk beds so we slept apart. He had the top bunk cause I refused to climb the ladder. Our window faced the noise so we got to hear the boom boom boom in full force whenever we went to bed. I slept with ear plugs but Keith was able to tune it out.

The cabin was small but we expected it. It had 2 small bedrooms - changing was a challenge. A super small bathroom - doing anything was a challenge! And the main room consisting of the kitchen and living room were tiny. But we survived. There was no tv which I was okay with. I actually didn't go on email or FB the whole week - my bro and sil were on everyday. I felt good being out of touch - except for my phone which I checked once a day for any urgent messages (none).

Our weather wasn't the best but we did get quite a few beach days so I really can't complain. Saturday was a beach day even though my bro and sil always had to leave to bring Mr D back for his nap cause that kid got Grouchy without one. And he had to sleep in his bed - not one of those who can fall asleep on a beach etc.

Sunday we made plans to go to the drive in even though the weather was iffy. It kept getting overcast then clearing up. We made the decision to go though since it was carload Sunday (cheap night). After we got situated and the movie started it began to thunder and lightening outside and before long the rain began to come down. We weathered it out and eventually the rain stopped and we were okay. It was only the next day we learned that a tornado touched down 40km from where we were.

Monday my sil wasn't feeling well and spent most of the day sleeping. Around 2 I decided to grab my book and towel and head to the beach - it was one of my most favourite times of the week. I swam in the (huge) waves that day and then dried off in the sun with my book - pure bliss! Then I got a text asking me to come back and take my sil to the clinic. Slam. There went my afternoon of leisure. Knowing my sil wasn't on death door I decided to ignore the text for a few more minutes and head back into the waves for one last dip. I was drying off and had just text back I would be there in 10 min when Keith arrived looking for me. We made the 3 minute walk back to our cabin and I changed and drove my sil the 20 minutes to the nearest clinic. We decided on me taking her since my bro and Keith had both been drinking plus little D is in this stage where it's all '" Yah so not fun.

Luckily we were only there for an hour (an entire episode of Y&R). Turns out she had a bladder infection. She has been having tonsil problems for months now so she thought it was that. I didn't ask how those 2 could be confused. So we picked her up some prescribed meds, pizza for dinner and headed back to the cabin.

Then somehow the rest of the week just flew by. We beached, we shopped the strip, we played games at night, we got up WAY too early every morning and above all we had fun. Oh sure there were cranky times for everyone but no blow outs or storm outs or what have you. We did have a night of panic when we logged onto the local radio station and for 3 hours they warned everyone who was listening to TAKE COVER NOW as a tornado/storm of the century was imminent and we were all going to die. Okay that last part I made up but I'm sure that's how my sil interpreted it cause she would not calm down. The storm passed and we were fine. Although once again we found out damage had been done to a town less than 30 minutes away.

Thursday was our full last day and it was a cool day. No beaching for us. Although that evening after our dinner extravaganza (corn on the cob, drumsticks and small potatoes all made on the bbq) I convinced Keith to go swimming with me. Actually I had originally wanted him just to come down with me while I swam but he surprised me by coming into the water with me. It was windy and getting chilly people were bundled up with pants and sweaters and there we were stripping down and going into the water. The water was actually quite warm but the undertow nearly did us in. Within a minute we were 50 feet down from where we had left our towels. We tried to fight our way back to the spot but the undertow and waves were beating us down. I realized how easy it would be for people to drown when they are swept out to sea. Luckily for us we were never in danger and we laughed the whole freakin' time at how stupid it was that we couldn't make any headway. Finally we just got out of the water and walked back down to our stuff calling it a night. Again that was one of my favourite moments from the week.

Friday was a sad day as we had to pack up and leave. I had hoped we could get this done quickly but the guys decided to come up with a better way to load the van.....yah that was an hour well wasted!! We were all still just as crowded leaving as we were coming. But we did get in some awesome beach time as the weather was super hot. We finally hit the road at 2pm.

I didn't 'tan' by most people's standards but by mine I am pretty brown. But I did get a wicked burn - on my lips. My bottom lip is actually kind of blistery. I had wore chapstick but I realized afterwards that I normally wear chapstick with an spf 15 but I ran out of that. My lips have been super tender for the last few days which sucks large. It sucked even more realizing I would be in a wedding (with wedding pictures!) with these lips!!

Which leads us to Friday - T's rehearsal! We got back to our house around 4pm and I had an hour to semi-unpack and shower and get ready. I am so thankful I organized things before I left for vacation. I would have been royally screwed otherwise. As it was I forgot a few minor things but really I did okay.

My dad and I went to the rehearsal cause I convinced everyone to stay home. T's rehearsal dinner was over an hour away and it really wasn't worth the travelling hassle for my family. I even told my dad to skip it as he was super tired. C and I were less than impressed with the travelling but we dealt with it. We didn't truly relax til after the bridal party got back to T's and finally were able to kick back, put our pj's on and just chill. T gave us presents - a different poem for each of us, a purse for each of us and a cute magnet - all presents different and unique and geared towards our different personalities.

I was so happy to find out that I would get a bed to myself. I went to bed at 1am (we went up to bed at 12:30) but I had my speech to write out in good. We were supposed to get up at 8am but by 7 I heard the house rise and then by 7:30 the girls began to yell out my name so I knew sleep would not be holding me hostage anymore. I got up and thus began the day of giggling girls and pampering of the bride. I got my hair done and it turned out great. We also had a lady come and do mani and pedi's at the house. T surprised me by paying for me which was quite sweet of her. Only 3 of us were getting this done so that's probably why she sprang for it. Another bridesmaid did my make up so I didn't have to pay $30 and the job she did was great. Even with my scabby lips I still looked pretty good!

Only one cab showed up to pick us up even though they called 3 times to confirm. Turned out the other cab was never ordered and they had to send a guy who got lost. I went in the first cab with T and her mom. The other cab arrived about 20 minutes after us.

The rest of the day just zoomed by after that. I got teary eyed watching T walk down the aisle but that was it. The rest of the day I was dry eyed. We got pictures done but honestly it didn't feel like a lot of pictures so I don't know if that's good or bad. We sweated like crazy under the tent while eating dinner - cause we had a wall behind with the sun beating down on it while everyone around us had a nice breeze. The wedding didn't follow any kind of format - it was sort of like organized chaos. It was like someone would realize that 'hey maybe we should reign people in' and do speeches after everyone had been wandering after dinner for over an hour. Then another hour would pass before the first dance took place so it was kind of awkward when the dj's were playing good music but you really couldn't go up on the dance floor.

At 1am Keith and I decided to call it a night and herded our unexpected overnight guests (S and her boyfriend) and went to say goodbye to T and her guy. That's when T's husband asked us to drive them to their hotel (they were supposed to take a cab). Being a sucker I said yes. Then I realized that wouldn't work since 6 people couldn't fit in our car. It was decided Keith would take the newlyweds first and then come back for us. Afterwards I realized this would be an hour wait since their hotel was quite far from us. I think the word sucker is permanently tattooed on my forehead. The wedding came to an end and Keith still wasn't back. The 3 of us headed to the corner and sat on a bench where I may have been delirious from lack of sleep and alcohol. Besides being cold we had a good time and I couldn't stop laughing at how absurd this was - sitting on a bench in the middle of a small town with nothing open, everyone long gone and being so tired I could cry.

Finally Keith arrived and got us home within minutes - we all promptly passed out for just over 6 hours at which time I had to kick our guests out (S had to work back in T dot anyway). Keith and I hit the road to my parents for my dad's church opening. We made it there in plenty of time except we were hungry as we hadn't stopped for lunch. I should have just asked my mom if they had eaten. She gave us some cheese and crackers which did nothing to satisfy us. We headed down to the church with Keith and I making a detour for food except we were fighting cottage country and people making their way home so our detour which should have taken 5 minutes took us almost 25. Which meant that by the time we got to the church there were no seats left. Even the gym was filling up fast (yah the church has a gym for the youth centre!!) and even then people were spilling out in all other areas of the church. They figure there were 600 people there that day which was astounding. Unfortunately they had technical difficulties in the gym so we missed out on seeing the first half hour of the service but they eventually figured it out so the feed came through ok.

We had dinner with my folks and about 20 other people that I didn't know would be there (well except for family). Keith and I left at 7:30 tired but luckily missing most of the traffic. Most not all.

We made it to bed by midnight where I anticipated a wicked awesome night sleep but didn't get (see 4am above). I did absolutely nothing today - not even much needed laundry. Ah well. Right now Keith is making us dinner - meatloaf, potatoes and the last of the corn on the cob we bought on vacation. I am super looking forward to this meal as I am sick of burgers and fast food. I caught up with my big brother today (dbl eviction - boo Jeff!!) and have caught up on my journals. We'll probably watch our geek shows together after dinner (T0rchwood and food shows) and then I really do hope to call it a night by 10pm. I don't need a repeat of last night and just want to sleep a peaceful 8+ hours. Back to work tomorrow - back to reality. I apparently have a 3 day weekend next week which gives me a glimmer of hope and a post vacay pick me up. The week after is a weekend at the beach with S and then after that is my birthday. So I really can't be too down.

Oh...and Keith got a job offer. It's in the bread game still but he would be an employee as opposed to his own boss and the days are supposed to be normal 8-9 hour days and not 17. He still has to talk to the guy about it but he's leaning towards yes so I really hope this works out for us. We need to dig our way out of the hole we've been in for so long. Fingers crossed.

5:28 p.m. - 2011-08-29


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