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He was full of it this weekend...surprises that is

Today has one thing going for it – it’s not Monday. Sad but true. I am wicked tired this morning even though I slept hard last night – just not enough hours of the zzz’s I guess.

So I had a lovely weekend if I do say so myself. Keith was totally full of surprises which I have to be honest I was not expecting at all. We had discussed our plans for the weekend and we decided to keep things on the quiet aka cheap side. He knows I like to go away and spend all our money – even when I’m (trying to be)frugal. So really I wasn’t expecting to do all that much which I was fine with. I had given myself the pep talk and was really ok with keeping things on the downlow.

On Friday we didn’t get up as early as hoped as we both had an unrestful sleep. Mine was due to worrying about Little D. He had burnt himself on the iron on Thursday and his mom was quite upset as you would expect. He has second degree burns on his arm. I got weepy when I was emailing back and forth with my sil. She felt terrible but Little D was okay and he is a wily kid. He knows when no one is looking and he takes his chance to ‘get curious’. Regardless I had a terrible night’s sleep because I kept imagining how it happened and how he must have screamed and cried and been inconsolable and how his parents must have been inconsolable too. I have a vivid imagination if you couldn’t guess. I used to picture the most horrible events happening to my family when I was a kid lying in bed at night and I would then start to sob imaging not having my family around. Uh but I digress I’ll save that stuff for any future therapy sessions I may have.

So Friday we weren’t bright eyed and bushy tailed and it took us a while to get out the door. But once we did get out we got a lot accomplished. We took one of the cars to get e-tested (it passed!) and then we submitted our passport applications for renewal (mine was the long process cause it still had my maiden name). Then we went and got my licence plates renewed which I have never done this far in advance. Usually I do it with like a day to spare.

After that we went home and had lunch and then Keith told me to pack an overnight bag. We were going on an adventure! See the thing about me is I LOVE going on adventures. Afternoon adventures, over night adventures – it doesn’t matter – just point me in the right direction! So I packed us an overnight bag (yah I still packed for both of us) and we headed out. I should note that never in a million years could Keith pack for me – not cause he’s dumb or doesn’t pay attention – I can barely pack for myself since I change my mind with what I’m wearing a million times before the clothes enter the bag – and even then I’ve been known to switch the clothes at the last minute! Fussy pants I am.

So we set off on our adventure which turned out to be a little more than an hour away in T dot. He rented us a room in a non-tourist area far away from civilization which at first I thought was odd but found out that the price fit into our budget. Of course I also realized this was a very good thing cause there weren’t crowds of people either! He made sure there was a pool (oh the man knows I love pools) and he even swam with me which he rarely does. Normally he hot tubs it while I splash around on my own. But this time he spent the majority of time with me and we even had the pool to ourselves for some of it and had a grand time throwing around a water Frisbee which was super fun.

Saturday we swam, had a late breakfast, showered and checked out. We then spent the rest of the day in T dot going to our favourite haunts and spending money on....dare I say it....Christmas Presents!!! Yah we have officially turned in to those people!

We got home Saturday evening just before the skies opened and the thunder and lightening began. Good timing. Sunday we were super lazy and I barely even remember the day. I know we played WAY too many games of monopoly deal! We love the game and play it in waves.

Monday the hubs urged me to shower and we left the house around 11 headed for another adventure – again unexpected by moi. This time we headed to the Falls and spent the afternoon on the strip doing our favourite things and eating at our favourite restaurant in the Falls. Several hours later we headed back home along with the other holiday traffic people. Luckily we avoided some major traffic by taking the back way home and as a result got to see a ton of beautiful scenery.

All in all a very loverly weekend!

Today - in between working for the man - I spent the time changing...I mean altering my plans for this weekend. S and I are supposed to go away Friday and Saturday night except she thought it was Saturday and Sunday night. Two very different things. At first I was like screw her I'm going up Friday and she can come Saturday and miss half the weekend. But really, I knew that thinking wouldn't last. So instead I asked a co-worker to switch flex days with me - she would have this Friday and I would take her Monday and then I called the hotel and asked to switch the days up. They said yes even though normally it would be a hell-no. It helps that this is at the very end of the summer season so the place isn't that busy. I also realized while on the website today S and I are paying out the nose to stay at this place. This is our secret! Yikes. I knew it was pricy when I booked it but I thought we also might have more girls join us. Our friend Mina might come but she is Never a definite. But I'm okay with the price cause this is definitely a once-only thing. We're treating ourselves. I'm looking forward to hanging out with S but maaaaan if she goes on about her boyfriend all weekend there may only be one of us coming back!!

10:12 p.m. - 2011-09-06


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