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Aren't I chatty lately?

As I sifted through my closet this morning trying to find a pair of PANTS to wear for the second day in a row I tried on two pairs before deciding to just screw it and wear capris. Sure people are walking around as if we are expecting the snow to fall any minute but I still have one weekend left of summer fun so I am going to ride this cold front out until the temps warm up one last time. Or until my limbs turn blue Ė whatever comes first.

So as I hinted last night I thought this weekend was going to be cheaper than itís going to be. The hotel is almost double what I told the hubby. Although in my defense I truly believed it was that price. I think when I booked it I expected there to be more girls coming. Plus this hotel is expensive so I knew that going in. Even if we have a third girl it should take some pressure off. Fingers crossed Mina decides to join us!

So I met the neighbour lady from across the street last night Ė itís only taken 3 years. Iím sure if we had kids we would have met a lot sooner. They have two girls ages 6 and 8 maybe? She was talking to Keith when he came home from grocery shopping. I was inside coming down from work when I heard him outside chatting. For a quiet guy he sure does chat with people. Anywho I stood there undecided whether to stay inside or go out and be social and introduce myself. I figured 3 years was long enough not to know your neighbour. So I went out. She was a nice lady probably in her late 30ís. They were chatting about the break ins that were happening in the neighbourhood Ė cars only right now. So far itís small petty stuff like change and gpsí they are stealing. But one neighbour almost had his wheels stolen! Now that just doesnít happen and of course it was the neighbour closest to us. Guess the next time I canít sleep I better shine a flashlight out my front window to show people Iím watching!!

The woman um Deb I think said she saw me out walking sometimes and if I ever needed a walking partner I could ask her. Awkward. Iím a solo walker unless itís with the hubby. I donít know why but I just enjoy my music and going my own way Ė slow or fast. But I donít really think I have to worry too much about it Ė sheís got 2 little girls and I doubt sheís gonna be watching out the window for when I step out the door! We gave our first wave this morning as I was leaving for work and she was taking in her daycare charge. Itís kind of nice knowing your neighbours.

So I just cancelled 2 vacation days I had booked for next week. Originally the hubby wasnít working so I took my birthday and the day after off. But now thereís kind of no point. Iíve had a lot of long weekends so itís not like I Ďneedí it. Also now I can use those days towards a week off. The hubby is itching to go away and Iím not one to say no obviously. I think he wants to go away before his (maybe) new job would start in October. Not much time. Our passports are due to arrive on the 19th. Very small window. I know we canít really afford it but yah Iím not worrying about that. Iím thinking about a story my dad told us a couple weeks ago when we were down. He had been visiting a man whoís wife was terminally ill Ė she had days to live but kept hanging out and it was exhausting to the whole family. They had grown kids who were out of the house. My dad sat with the man at the kitchen table and the man told of how they had lived in their house all their lives even though it was small. They hadnít made upgrades as they didnít want to spend the money on that kind of stuff. They hadnít went away on any big trips as they had decided to do that stuff when they retired and now his wife was days away from dying. Iím not saying Iím going to go out and waste away any spare cash we have but Iím not going to put my life on hold until ďsomedayĒ. Lifeís too short to wait for the ďsomedayísĒ.

Okay enough of the heavy stuff! Guess what I did at lunch today? If you said walked you would be I like to call wrong. Heh. It was raining hard and then after I decided not to walk the rain stopped. But don't worry it kind of started up again while I was out...buying pants!! Okay I only bought one pair. I went to VV. I bought a top, pants and a sweater jacket for $28. Yah yah I know. The sweater jacket is the one the hubby wouldn't agree with but looking at all my photos last year I was wearing my ratty grey sweater in all photos. I need to class it up a bit!

So the hubby and I have been playing Monopoly Deal a lot lately. Then the other night he pulled out the actual game. I um won. Hehe. Tonight we were back to Monopoly Deal...I think we tied in the million plus games we played.

Alright it's after 11 I gotta wrap this up! 2 more days. 2 more days. My one co-worker came in today with a doctor's note writing her off for the rest of the week due to a 'viral infection'. She's no longer contagious. She just can't talk so I'm wondering why she can't sit her butt in the chair and do her job? She can avoid phones and voila the work would still be getting done. Ah well I would probably take the time off if I could too.

10:55 p.m. - 2011-09-07


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