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Oh look a candy birthday gift from the Fair

Ah yes a tummy bug before I go away to Cuba Ė how quaint. Iím definitely not feeling the love today let me tell ya. Even if it is a 3 day week for me Monday is sucking out loud. I just wish my body would realize it needs 8 hours on work nights so go the hell to sleep. I know it doesnít help that I go to bed late on the weekends Ė 1:30 Saturday night. I also slept til 10am. That was probably the best sleep I have had in weeks if not months. I just slept really hard and I donít know it was just really good.

Anywho, needless to say I look like crap today. This is when I miss wearing glasses Ė they hid a multitude of sins but mostly my puffy eyes. My eyes are puffy and dark and I look oh so sex-ay.

Itís raining right now which doesnít help to improve the overall mood. I havenít been walking at lunch and even if I had thought to pack a walking bag this morning the rain would have been hating on me. Of course I was also going to go out at lunch and buy some hair dye but that ainít gonna happen either. I went to leave for work this morning and the car wouldnít start. It would start and stall Ė we tried several times. Finally I just took the other car Ė the one with next to no gas. Luckily I found out later that the car was fine we were using a copy key and apparently our keys are chipped so copy keys wonít work.

Thereís so much to do before we leave Wednesday. I have tonight and tomorrow night Ė thatís it!! I hate sitting here thinking about everything I could be doing (packing wise) and not being able to do it. I was supposed to go out with C tonight after work (her idea) for my b-day but then she text me yesterday saying her and her hubby were coming over at 7:30 with dessert.

So I had a stern conversation with the hubby the other night Ė I guess it was more of a warning actually. I told him that pretty much as soon as our vacation starts so does my PMS. I told him Iím giving him the heads up. It will take very little for to have a melt down. I have to warn him of this cause he tends to get pissy sometimes and takes the high road by blaming me for shit ie I wanted to book a hotel the night before we fly out so obviously if anything goes wrong itís my fault. Or say I have to go to the bathroom and we get somewhere 2 minutes later than expected and there is nowhere to sit then obviously itís ALL my fault. Normally I tell him where to go and we continue on but with PMS there is no telling what Iíd do so I gave him the heads up Ė tread softly cause I get highly stressed out in airports.

I had a good time with the fam on the weekend. We had a nice gathering and I felt nice and loved. I got some very generous gifts as well. That evening most of us attended the smash up derby which rocked as it normally does. Keith and I headed home yesterday and hit W-mart enroute. Oh but first we hit the mall so I could look for a bathing suit top. Yah nobody has them. Itís Fall donít ya know. We finally went in the store that exclusively sells swimsuits. I cringed as we walked through the door Ė number one reason was the price second was the lack of patronage. No customers means they will circle around me which they did. I just gave in and let the small little girl try and fit me with a bathing suit top. Thankfully the older woman who was there took over and got me the right size top. A young teen who is a size zero just doesnít get that women donít want to yell their size out in the store Ė hell we donít even want to whisper it! So the woman found a wonderful top that fit and actually flattered my figure. Of course it was $50 and Keith nearly passed out as I was paying it. But he was the one who directed me in the store so I couldnít just spend all that time with them and then not take the top. Plus? There were no bathing suits to be found in the mall. Anywho after that fun we left and hit the big W in which we had even more fun. The woman checking us out wasnít playing with a full set of checkers if you know what I mean. She scanned a couple items twice. We caught one and I went to the courtesy desk and got them to fix it but found more mistakes when we got home. We did find a toothpaste error in our favour so I guess it kinda works out?

C did drop by and we had a fun time. We all chatted for a bit - they brought cake and gave me my gift - she's a wicked good gift giver! A gift card, a book, a tim's mug and a couple cute little things. Yup she's good.

The rest of the night was spent packing and washing bras by hand. Good times. I'm at the point in packing where I'm nearly done but then want to just start throwing random shit in the suitcases 'just in case'. I feel like I'm 90% done but probably around 70% cause it's the little stuff that you want to bring and only remember at the last second that kills ya. Ugh. Ah well I get a vacation at the end of all this.

I just posted on fb about cuba cause I have family and friends on there that should probably know. I just feel like a jerk cause people will think I'm bragging (what else is fb for?) or you know someone that I apparently know and trust will break into our house while we're gone!

Speaking of fb and passive aggressive behaviour - my 'kind of' old friend just send me a belated happy b-day message. The girl is on fb every day about 10x if not more a day and I know has seen my posts. Nice.

Mkay time to go and watch 2 1/2 men and see what all the hoopla is about!

10:22 p.m. - 2011-09-19


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