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Well Cuba. What can I say without droning on and on about how glorious it was to be on vacation? I wrote in my trip journal so I don’t even really have to write much to help myself ‘remember’ this trip. The weather was...gorgeous. The food was....meh but we expected that. The drinks were....plentiful and GOOD. The pina colada was de-lish. I don’t like them here at home as I find them too sweet but by God they put something addictive into their drinks and I was craving them All the time. Actually I was craving another beverage more if that was possible – coffee. I guess it would be a cappacino technically as it’s half coffee and then half frothy milk. I don’t know and I must admit I really don’t care as soon as they added that dash of cinnamon on top I was done for. I probably had 3 – 4 coffee’s a day and that was with restraint – imagine if I just gave in? Let’s see if I can think of some hi-lites about the trip shall we?

*The night before we left we drove around looking for somewhere to eat – our GPS lied to us about our destination but we did find a great restaurant that was even better than what we had planned. That’s not the hi-lite – the hi-lite was sitting down just as a guy dressed in drag – short jean skirt, super high heels, mesh top got up to leave. That my friend was worth getting lost.

*Getting a cold the day OF the trip, I note this because I was imagining the worse – the sniffles, the head pain, the sluggishness all while lying on the beach. The ‘cold’ pretty much stopped dead in it’s track the moment we walked out of the airport into the humid hot air of Cuba. It was totally gone without a trace within 2 days of starting.

*We booked one tour (outing) during our stay there and the pamphlet gave little information except that we would leave our hotel at 9am and be driven into Varadero to go shopping and return back at 3pm. This was highly misleading. Our tour was exactly that – they took us on a tour of Varadero stopping at several landmarks that were important to them and gave us a chance to get out and take pictures. We were given one hour to shop at the open air market to buy our little gifts – more than enough time in my opinion. Then we were given an option about lunch – we could skip it or they could take us to a restaurant where we could buy our own lunch. We chose to let them take us to a place of their suggestion which brings me to my next bullet point:

*Lunch! This little restaurant started out ‘illegal’. It was someone’s house and they made it into a real restaurant as soon as the government gave their ok. The food was phenomenal! The prices were decent. I had the biggest Lobster tail ever. It was so damn yummy my mouth is watering just thinking of it.

*The beaches were simply gorgeous. The scenery was gorgeous. Everything is so lush and green and just beautiful. The water is crystal clear and just......yah you get the drift.

*It is obviously low season right now and that was just perfect for us. The place got busy on the weekend – we think locals had day passes – but otherwise it was quiet and mellow and just damn relaxing. I read THREE books while on vacation. I don’t think that’s ever happened. Two were great and one was meh but I’m okay with those odds.

So yah all in all Cuba gets 2 thumbs up. We would definitely go back – but like I said to Keith I would go to a different resort not because I didn’t like ours but because I like experiencing different places. I like the thrill of trying somewhere new, not knowing the ins-and-outs of where you are staying is part of the reason I go on vacation. I think if we do go back to Cuba I would want to stay somewhere in Varadero just so we could leave the resort easier but with that comes its own problems I know.

I’m coming back to a 4 day week plus a 4 day weekend which is so sweet I cannot even tell you. I forgot it was Thanksgiving this weekend. The timing couldn’t be better seeing as how I am fixated on food since we got back from our trip. There’s nothing like going without your creature comforts in terms of food to make you appreciate and crave well pretty much everything! Of course I should probably reign myself in cause I have been SO bad lately (even on vacay since we took junk food with us). I have not exercised at all the month of September. The guilt is pretty bad over that actually. I just lost a month or at least that’s how it feels.

I also feel guilty over the state of my house. We got back late Thursday close to midnight and our stuff it still strewn all about our living room. The clothes have been washed but that’s about it. It looks like a bomb went off.

Friday night we met up with C and her guy and T and her guy at the racetrack. C had a bug up her butt and was being bitchy and anti-social. I think she was ticked cause she was there ahead of us and found us seats and the 4 of us arrived at the same time (by coincidence) and stood chatting for a few minutes before really joining her. It put her nose out of joint I think. And then to add insult to injury the 4 of us tried to convince her to come outside instead and give up the seats she found us. The seats were in a row like little desks that had a partition between them to give people privacy but what it really did was make it impossible for the 6 of us to communicate. I did my best to try and cajole her into having fun but I don’t think it really worked.

Saturday was our anniversary. We celebrated low key. We went out for lunch and then putted around and shopped for a bit in the afternoon. That evening we planned on dinner and a movie but Keith got a call from an old friend which turned into a skype call that lasted over 2 hours. I was okay with it, I was feeling nice and mellow. After the call we decided to get chinese instead and catch up on our pvr - ah to be an old married couple!

Sunday we did go and see a movie (Lion King in 3D) and that's basically it. Now I must end this entry rather abruptly cause I just realized what time it is - bed time! Yah this girl is tired. G'nite!

10:05 p.m. - 2011-10-03


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