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Another turkey day flies the coop

What better way to write an entry while listening to old school country on utube - yah I said it. I listened to a little Kenny, Dolly, Anne Murr@y yup - good stuff. I blame a certain ex-dlander for having B@rry Manilow on her blog (Happy Anniversary btw!). The song got me a on a kick of listening to the old (very old) stuff.

So my Turkey weekend was pretty darn good. Four days off was darn sweet if I do say so myself. Friday morn I walked to my doctor's for a 10:30 appointment I made at the last minute cause I realized my meds were running out (oops). I walked there to show him how healthy I'm being (he's not fooled so don't worry). Although I think he's warming up to me cause whenever I go see him I'm there to renew meds or whatever not to bug him about an ailment - he likes that about me. So yah after I left the office, I walked out and decided 45 minutes of walking was enough so I called Keith who offered to come get me (hehe). The rest of the day passed by in a blur of activity with nothing much getting done cause that's how we roll most days.

Saturday we iced the cupcakes we made the day before (oh yah we did that) and I finished packing us up. We made it out of the house by 1:45 earlier than planned (2 was our target) but our 2 stops managed to put us back behind schedule. It was a Beautiful drive - the colors on the trees were so vibrant I kept trying to take pictures but they honestly couldn't do it justice. It was just...amazing.

We made it to my parents in time for dinner (of course - yum!). My brother, sil and little D came in around 8pm as we were on our 10th game or so of banana-grams (that game is so damn fun and addictive!). The little guy was as cute as always and is running around head first like most toddlers (why do they do that?). He was protecting his left arm by not using it much but we did notice by the end of the weekend he was using it more so that's good. The poor little guy has already lost muscle mass and it's not like he has that much to lose!

Sunday we went to church and his parents were going to sing and when they went to get up and go to the front D freaked out as predicted so I had to hustle him out of there while he was sobbing (nothing makes an aunt feel special like a screaming child trying to get away from you!). But I took him to the children's playroom where he calmed down in 3.5 seconds and started playing and having fun. Every once in a while he'd look up and say "Daddy?" and I would respond with 'daddy's singing' and he would go back to playing. His mom did eventually come into the playroom and I may have stayed with her rather than going back in to church.

Sunday afternoon we had our family Thanksgiving - 14 of us this year - small crowd. The food was awesome as always. It was a really nice afternoon. Everyone just milled about - people played games or went outside to soak in the sunshine and just chat in different groups. Sometimes we can get a little stuffy and someone turns on the tv and we just sort of zone out all dead eyed as our bellies try and digest all that turkey and pumpkin pie. My niece and I played a game of catch with something that wasn't a ball and we did that for like half an hour. Then when I needed a break (cause it got damn hot in the house) she began to 'do my hair' which was fun when she wasn't pulling it too hard. Yup it was a good Thanksgiving. By the time they left at 7 it felt more like 11pm!

Monday Keith and I tried to get away for 12 to head to his family but as usual it wasn't til 12:30 we were out of there. His sister told us to be there for 3 and so did his mom so we assumed dinner would be around then (haha). We got there at 3:03 and were the first to arrive by a good half hour. Yah. When I saw the raw turkey walk by me at 5pm I got suspicious that dinner was still sometime away. They were deep frying the bird and it would take 45 minutes (it took more). Needless to say by the time we sat down I was Starving and so so glad I had a muffin on our drive over. The food was pretty good although in all honesty I probably would have eaten cardboard with gravy and not have cared at that point! Although I must say Keith's mom's apple pie was THE BOMB. She makes a mean apple pie. No pumpkin though and people were upset cause she makes good pie. But the hosts were making mini deep fried pumpkin pies which I was um voluntold to help with by K's mom. So much for being a guest! I did help and they did work but they really weren't that good. We finally left around 8:30 and I was so tired I felt like I could fall asleep on the drive home. I went to bed around 10 and then proceeded to watch tv till like 11:20 when my eyes began to close on their own accord.

Last week was a bitch cause I have started my new hours at work - I can no longer work part of my lunch hour for my flex so I decided to come in earlier rather than stay later. So rather than start at 8:00 I start at 7:48. Yah only 12 minutes I know but those 12 minutes are brutal. As you know I am not a morning person so I get up at the last second. I was getting up at 7:10 and trying to get out the door by 7:30. The only way I was doing this was by having Keith do everything for me - bringing me my cereal while I got dressed, making my lunch and coffee and handing it to me as I walked out the door. So I decided to get up earlier so I wasn't so rushed and could actually take time to breath between bites of cereal. This morning was my first try at the new time and yah it went okay but still sucked when my alarm went off at 6:35 (I hit the snooze) and then get up at 6:45 (well technically 6:50 cause I didn't want to get up) but I did it. It was easier but I still left a few minutes late.

I'm not going to work tomorrow though. I'm going to a funeral with Keith for his great uncle. It's my first funeral with Keith. I wasn't sure if I was going to go but he seemed to want me to go with him so this afternoon I sent my manager an email and got the time off. I am super swamped at work and felt bad for taking the time off even if it is legit. Work is just crazy with all these system problems that are making our lives hell. Then I spent over an hour on one call with someone and really the problem could have been solved in like 10 minutes but she was a talker who basically talked to herself the whole time but every once in a while threw a question at me I think to see if I was still awake. So yah it was not a productive day for me.

Mkay it's almost bedtime for this girl. I need my beauty sleep cause I for sure didn't get it last night.

9:40 p.m. - 2011-10-11


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