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What a crazy night. It is a quiet night. That's what's crazy about it. It is almost 8 o'clock and there is nothing pressing to do, nowhere to go etc. A Saturday afternoon I can handle when it's like this, but Thursday evening? That's just wrong.

While I sit here and clackety-clack away on the keyboard Keith is sewing. He's making my pillow case that he meant to surprise me with on my b-day. He will also be making my sil a sling purse (like mine but better) for her b-day at the end of October. She said something about liking mine and as soon as I heard that I had Keith making one for her (in my mind) cause she's hard to buy for.

I just realized I could probably be upstairs cleaning our bedroom. I am going to attempt to do the summer/winter clothes switchover this weekend. I could get a head start but as weird as it sounds I think Keith likes me sitting here in the same room even if we're doing different things. Although that could also be my lame ass excuse for not starting the clothes switcharoo. I plan on going through my closets and purging. I have clothes with tags in my closet and those must go. I also have to get rid of several pairs of work pants. When I bought them they fit and were great but since I lost a few pounds - and I mean a few - like maybe 10 - they hang off in unflattering ways. I think I also lost inches - no wait, I don't think I know - especially around the hips which is nice. So I plan on giving back those clothes to the places they wence came (wence is a word right?).

I actually went clothes shopping yesterday after the funeral. We came home, had lunch and I decided to go to the nearby thrift shop and look for pants. I found 3 tried them on and lo and behold they all fit. Well one is a pair of capris - beige - that I thought would look cute with boots - so I also bought a pair of suede boots at the thrift shop. It was the weirdest thing cause I rarely buy footwear at thrift stores. It creeps me out - other people foot stink - but I thought I would look anyway. I saw these pair of boots - in my size - that were in really good condition. They were $13 so I bought them. I walked away with all that for under $30. It burns my britches though cause I have a $5 off coupon that I got the last time I dontated stuff and could not find that darn thing for the life of me. Sigh.

After that I came home with my purchase and coffee from McD's (I have really come to love their coffee - it's freaking me out) and headed to my bed with my book for a good half hour. Not much time but still nice.

T arrived a while later and we had dinner and dessert and then the 2 of us headed out for swimming. The pool was pretty busy which is always annoying cause it's filled with kids who looove splashing and basically being in our way - yah I'm harsh. We swam for a bit and then slyly began to plan our escape early. We condensed our hot tub time and sauna time and left 40 minutes early so we could go shopping. Originally it was to look for bathing suits (the last 2 sets of bottoms I have worn have been coming off while swimming and that just ain't helpful when you're trying to swim laps. I knew there would be no bathing suits but I'm all about cheap shopping. I found brand new jeans for $10!! So of course I bought 2 pair. I will be wearing one pair tomorrow if you must know!

Mkay time to wrap up this exciting entry - I am gonna go surf the world wide web for stuff. Then when I get bored of that maybe my new pillowcase will be ready and I can head to bed - hey a girl can dream.

7:51 p.m. - 2011-10-13


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