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Pass me that bag of spinach please

Along with Fall, Nanowrimo is seeping into my bones. I wasnít sure if I was going to participate this year, or at least that was a flashing thought through my brain when I tried to imagine what I would write this year. But then one night inspiration hit and I scribbled a page full of notes Ė name of characters, what the story involved Ė a quick outline Ė and voila once again my creative juices were bubbling. Iím pretty excited about my story this year. I canít remember if I said that last year cause I remember really being into my story (which I have not revisited once) but this time itís different. Or at least thatís how it feels. This book feels more personal. I guess I shall see how it goes beginning November 1st! Donít worry Iím not pushing for November 1st to get here any quicker!

I walked today on my lunch hour and a crazy thing happened....I jogged a few times. Now when I say jogged...I out of shape afraid of jogging kind of jog. I would Ďjogí for just a few seconds (like 30 and thatís probably being generous) and then walk. Now I was also very self conscious. I didnít mind the cars driving by cause who really cares about them but I cared about the people on the path. I would only Ďjogí when I knew I was alone. I was proud of myself though. Iíve never been a jogger and I doubt Iíll become one now but if I can mix my walking up with a bit of jogging here and there well I think it can only be for the good.

I tried to give blood yesterday. Again I was shot down due to the low iron. I told Keith next time Iím supposed to give (Dec 8) a whole week leading up to it I will frigginí eat pounds of spinach and just go in there and force them to take my damn blood. It never helps that giving blood is on a Monday and I am always wiped on Monday's Ė this Monday moreso than normal since Keith and I were like school kids all weekend staying up till all hours of the night. Going to sleep Sunday night was pretty torturous.

I had hoped to get some good quality sleep last night but that didnít happen. The folks arrived around 6:30, we fed them and then played a game of scrabble with my mom while my dad slept on the love seat. I finally forced them to go to bed at 10:30 since they had to be up at 6am. I think I finally went to sleep around 11-ish. For the first time (at this job) I was more than 5 minutes early at work this morning. I arrived around 7:42 (I start at 7:48). Donít ask about the weird minutes. But yah early to bed tonight!

We went out for dinner tonight - probably cause we thought we were going to anyway (I thought our chiro was today but it turns out it's NEXT Tuesday). Once back at home Keith hopped on to his current obsession - still Ebay - bidding on cheap trinkets that we may or may not need. Luckily he doesn't win many auctions (by design). I also had a call from my parents saying they got home safe and sound and to thank us for having them overnight.

My mom also told me that my dad was given a gift for mediating the meeting they were at - a fully paid trip to Taiwan!! How cool eh? Actually it's for my dad and mom. I'm quite happy for them. My mom is now worrying and thinking they shouldn't go to Cuba in January. My dad and I were saying the same thing - the Taiwan trip is free! My dad has oodles of vacation time so that's not a worry - he never takes it all thanks usually to people dying usually half way through their vacation. Hopefully they will go on both trips - they deserve it. If any 2 people deserve the best it's them. I'm biased but pretty much anyone who knows them would agree. They are so selfless and they just seem to give until they can't give anymore....even then they dig deeper and keep giving. It's honestly humbling being their daughter.

I had a moment of pure happiness as the hubby was driving us home after a wonderful meal out. Over dinner I brought up how I would like for us to find a hiking/walking path this Friday and take a walk in the Fall weather. Then we would head to meet C and her hubby to go to the Awesome book fair. The hubs was all for it and even had a few places in mind for a walk. I should mention I have this Friday off. I was smiling while I anticipated the day we would have on Friday and it was just one of those 'moments'. And here's where I mention....I'm pms'ing. The emotions are extreme....the bad...AND the good.

And on that note...g'night!

9:24 p.m. - 2011-10-18


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