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Marriage is a wonderful institution...

I would love to say that this past weekend was a spectacular fun filled fall weekend but I would be a big fat liar. Sigh.

Basically my 3-day weekend was a bust. There were loud voices, there were tears, there were loud silences. Yah I hate those kind of weekends - obviously.

Friday wasn't too bad. We did nothing all day basically just laziness. I had a few places I wanted to go but then meh I didn't. Keith has gotten in the habit of taking an afternoon nap which I am not at all thrilled about but I guess until he gets a job I'll have to deal. He goes to bed stupid late but still gets up when I do during the week so he can make and pack my lunch, make my breakfast and my coffee to go.

Friday we spent a LOT of money on books but we got many books in return. I got a lot of chick-lit for super cheap $1 and $2 prices so I am not objecting one bit to the amount we spent. Keith found several books for himself and a few games so we both scored. Afterwards we went back to C's for a while and left around 9 so she could herd the kids she was baby sitting off to bed.

Saturday it was raining and not pleasant out. This was the day of tears and loud voices. I am pms'ing and the hubs thinks I use it as an excuse for drama or some other BS. Needless to say it took a while for us to get back in sync. We eventually did and were able to salvage the rest of the day.

Sunday the sun was shining...and we went grocery shopping. There were no tears but there was loud silence on my part. I have come to Hate grocery shopping. Once or twice a week I can dela with (barely) but he loves to shop almost daily and not just one place oh no - two maybe three places even. So after the loud silence was followed by quiet talking the hubby and I FINALLY went on the nature walk I've been jonesing to go on all weekend. We drove to a place a few minutes away and walked a path we had never been on. It was beautiful and peaceful and it made things better. We talked, we took pictures we looked at natures and we just...connected - finally.

I'm learning to cherish these times...cause marriage it ain't all a bed of roses. Six years later and I'm still learnin'.

8:57 p.m. - 2011-10-24


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