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Well I'm on the home stretch with Nano. I will admit I've been how do you say...slacking? Yah that's it. I'm at 35,000 words, I only have 15k to go so you know it's do-able-ish. Nah I kid, it's totally do-able.

In other news, today I was thankful my husband never left the house. The stuff I ordered him online came today and they stuck it in the mailbox and it says on the OUTSIDE what is exactly inside the package. Exactly. So yah either he saw it and left it alone or fingers crossed he never opened the door! I'm sure if he had seen it he would have said something but my man is sly so I just never know.

I went swimming with T last night - her hair has aged 50 years. She is grey. She DYED her hair grey. By accident but still I find it SO damn funny. I should have taken a picture so when I'm feeling down I can look at her grey hair and cheer up.

Speaking of cheering up, last weekend would have been a good weekend to have said picture. It was a sad little household last weekend. In one word - stress. Yah we're still stressed about the finances. Keith was feeling bummed which totally sucked all my energy cause I am nothing if not a sympathizer (plus the imminent arrival of Aunt Flo wasn't helping matters). I actually cried while grocery shopping and had to leave while he was checking out. Then once home I said to him, do you SEE how my emotions go haywire during this time of the month. Exactly one month ago at this time I went a little 'overboard with the emotions'too. It was a sucky 4 day weekend I ain't gonna lie. Not all of it but enough that I hate to think how most of it was wasted on not being happy.

Sunday we went to his family reunion and that went pretty good. We talk to nobody but his immediate family - pretty much like my family reunion. Afterwards we went x-mas shopping which was fun. We only picked up a few things but it felt good to do that.

So yah, this weekend is up in the air but as long as there is no depression in the house I'll consider it a success. Keith has been applying for jobs everyday which I am SO proud of him for. Although a few are jobs I don't want him doing (roofing) but he is determined to get a job STAT. We have finally given up on the other job that we both that was a sure thing. Fingers crossed the right one comes along.

Tomorrow night is my work office Christmas party. It's at a super nice place that is known for it's good food so that's great. I had an outfit all planned and I tried the outfit on tonight but then totally changed my mind cause it wasn't working for me. I was wearing pants and comfy shoes. Now I will be wearing a long skirt with boots that are wicked nice but I know I will have sore feet by the end of the night. Ah well I can handle it. Hm have to remember to find a purse tonight for tomorrow's outfit. I'm trying to have ALL of the outfit ready to put on tomorrow when I get home from work. I hate running around hot and bitchy looking for parts of my outfit or trying to make it work.

A'ight these fingers are gonna have to go type elsewhere now - must work on my word count - it would be awesome if I make it to 40k tonight - but that's highly doubtful - my attention span is not happening right now!

7:17 p.m. - 2011-11-24


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