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Christmas Wrap Up

Oh it's good to be back!! Our laptop died and it has been a rough few weeks. We talked about not getting one for a while (money) but then boxing week came and I decided that I just had to have one...NOW. So out we went and shopped around and found this one for a really good price. Of course all my book marks and favourite sites etc are on the other laptop which we can't access (as well as my 2 nanowrimos). Keith will try one day to retrieve them. Until then I'll make do.

So Christmas. It's over. I didn't have the post Christmas blues like I normally do but I'm sure one day everything will catch up to me and I'll be all mopy about everything being over. We celebrated x-mas at Keith's parents on Christmas Eve Day. We played my white elephant game thank God cause watching 3 kids (one who is 6 months old) opening presents for almost an hour made me want to shoot my eye out! People got in the spirit of it which was nice. Although I ended up with cleaning products not quite what I intended but at least they are useful! Around 4:30 we left for my parents and made it there on time for the Christmas Eve service. For some reason I never got that emotional feeling I normally do when I go to this service. Normally I at least get choked up over a few songs. Nuthin this year. Although I wasn't too impressed that the organist didn't stop playing during the last verse of the song silent night as we held our 'candles' up. It usually gives me chills when we do that. But I was told that was the last organist who used to do that. Someone should suggest it to her.

Christmas morn was low key with just the four of us - mom,dad,Keith and myself. We opened our presents and then ate. We also watched Daniel open a few presents on skype which was cool.

We then went to church (I know!) and afterwards all the fam came over (16 ppl) and we had a great Christmas dinner and opened more gifts.

It was a late night. The last person didn't leave til almost midnight! The next day my brother and sil and little D arrived. The kid is so damn smart it kills me. He can say my name which is kinda hard for a kid to say and you can tell he's proud of it. Right at the end of the visit he took a tumble down the stairs which took at least 5 years off of all of our lives. The baby gate gave way and he just went falling. He landed with a thud and then the crying began. It only lasted for a few minutes and then he got up, walked over to his toy and began to play. He had a nice goose egg on his head though.

Tomorrow Keith and I are leaving for my bro and sil's 4 hours away. We're going to celebrate NYE with them. I get off work at 2pm which is great and hopefully we'll be able to avoid some of the T dot traffic as we drive through.

I worked all week which hasn't been too bad as it's only 2 1/2 days. Most ppl aren't busy in my office but for some reason my work never dries up. Ah well at least the day goes fast.

Keith has been working at a temp agency the last few weeks and has this week off. He got a call yesterday confirming that he's going in next week so that's good.

Winter has finally caught up to us and the snow is a comin'. It's been cold and snowy the last few days. As long as we have decent driving weather tomorrow I'll be happy. We can get snowed in once we're up there!

Mkay I think I rambled enough (I love typing on this new laptop!). Plus I have to go and pack us up for tomorrow.

Here's looking forward to more entries in 2012!!

4:01 p.m. - 2011-12-29


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