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First entry of 2012 - Happy New Year

The End of 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

It was not an auspicious start to the day. I woke up tired (like I do every morning), dragged my butt and left late for work. The hubby and I also had an argument about how I would get to work. He Hates driving me but I thought it would only make sense since we want to leave as close to 2pm as possible. Then apparently my control tendencies took over and I demanded that I drive myself. See, if he drove me then I couldn’t make sure he remembers to pack everything or does the little chores I do before we leave – like turn off the Christmas lights on the tree, water the tree and turn the heat down. Who knew I had control issues?

Then since I was driving myself I was taking our ‘other’ car so he could pack the travelling car. This other car has problems and today it added a new one – the driver’s side windshield wiper decided to call it quits (the motor we figure) and stopped working. It’s a mildish slushy day – you see the problem right? Plus the tires on it are horrendous and basically it’s a car made for Florida – not Canadian winters. New tires are on the top of the list I swear (okay fine midway down the list – that’s why we have the small car with the good tires!)

Oh I forgot to mention I also have to make sure the hubby locks our door correctly. See, we came home Boxing Day to find our big wooden door WIDE OPEN. We don’t know how long it was open – did it open the day we left – 3 days – or did it just open recently? Who knows. All we knew is that the door was open and I was having a mild heart attack picturing all our stuff ransacked and the few things worth value gone. Luckily our neighbourhood appears pretty safe cause it looked like nothing was touched. It helps that one car was in the driveway so maybe people thought we were home?

Now, I should go concentrate on work – but I won’t – instead I will go and obsess over my packing list (I forgot said list at work last night). This way when I go home at 2 I will have list in hand and run through the house packing the stuff we forgot. I ‘warned’ the hubby to have the car packed when I got home. He has recently started playing a computer game that is apparently just getting ‘good’ so I’m a tad worried where his head will be this morning until he looks at the clock at 1:35 and goes ‘oh crap the wife’s going to be home in half an hour’ and runs around showering and packing the car which basically makes him a hot bitchy mess when I get home. So predictable that man.

The Beginning of 2012

Well I'm happy to report I was wrong about the above. I came home at 2:10 to the car packed and the hubby ready to go! He even made wicked cookies for the trip. We made it to K-town in record time (seriously record time - the traffic was awesome).

The time at my bro and sil's was amazing. Spending time with little D was as always super awesome fun. The kid's got a wicked personality on him. He's Mr Independent. And my sil shared a secret with us...she's preggers again!!!! They figured we might ask why she wasn't drinking which in all honesty I probably wouldn't have since she's not really a drinker. But it was sweet they shared it with us. She's only a few weeks so it's still super secretive. Wish me luck keeping my trap shut!

The 4 days we were there flew by. The night we watched little D was great. He didn't cry like I was worried about. Well he did cry when we made him come inside as it was so icy out he would have hurt himself if we stayed out much longer.

There was one upset - my worst nightmare came true when I went and picked up D from his nap and we were heading back down to the basement and I lost my footing. It all happened so fast yet at the time seemed like slow motion. My one foot slid out and luckily I only had 3 stairs to go. The foot slid the first step then the second while my other foot stayed firmly behind twisting nice and awkardly. Then my foot slid down the last step and I was basically doing the splits in a very painful way. Luckily D was a-okay he didn't even really notice that we fell. I held him the whole time and really like I said it happened in slow motion. As I sat/lay there I set him on his feet and he must have seen the pain in my face and it scared him cause only then did he begin to cry. I was so quiet about it nobody came to our rescue. Then I downplayed it so much that nobody knows that I hurt like a son of a bitch the rest of the day and next. Actually I am still limping.

We left K town later than planned on Monday as we decided to wait til my sil got off work (3pm) and have an early dinner with her. We finally hit the road around 4:30. We again made it home in record time - 3 hours!

Now, we are getting back to the grind. Thankfully it's a short week and I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend!! We have to clean the house and put away x-mas but that's okay I know there will be lots of R&R in between. I don't plan on going anywhere unless for a quick grocery shop. The hubs got me a huge bottle of Bailey's that I plan on putting to good use this weekend in my coffee!

It's freaking cold here -26 with the windchill. Our office was freezing today! Even I was cold which says a lot. Better plan a warm outfit for tomorrow!

5:10 p.m. - 2012-01-03


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