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Oh Valentine's Tree...Oh Valentine's lovely are your branches

I must have been in a weird mood earlier today:


Oh. Hello. I was just sitting here at my desk working. No, thatís a lie. I was sitting here at my desk avoiding work! Why start things off in 2012 by lying? I was perusing the website I bought most of my hubbies gifts from this past x-mas. The website is a Geeks dream come true. My fingers were itching to order stuff but reality set back in and I closed the window Ė but kept the email in my inbox so thereís still that temptation! The website is if you are interested. It seems to have something for everyone so there ya go!

I wonder if my work would let me leave halfway through the day when I am feeling bored and restless and actually want to go home and DO stuff -organize, clean etc. Of course thatís probably just my mind playing tricks on me Ė it knows that if we went home we would head straight to a bed and pick up a book and snuggle into the covers for an afternoon of blissful solitude. In order to organize and clean Iím gonna need like 2 or 3 cups of coffee to get me going this I can say without any hesitance.

I forced myself out for a walk this afternoon Ė with 15 minutes of my lunch left. Itís still quite cold out, only -9 with the windchill. But I have to at least start getting back out there - even if itís not for my full hour walks. I will admit it did do me good. My knee did give a few shout outs about how it wasnít all that happy but I ignored it. Itís still a bit tender from the whole twisting of the leg, doing the splitsville, falling down the stairs thing a few days ago.

Iím going swimming with T tonight and I know the kicking is gonna aggravate it so I will have to take it easy when my legs starts whinging. I havenít seen T since before x-mas so Iím sure weíll catch up and sheíll probably talk about her stupid trip to Mexico or wherever in a few days (jealous much?).

Yesterday I did something Very bad. I booked a night at the Falls in February. Itís a surprise for the hubby for V day. Itís the weekend after V day Ė the long (made up) weekend we have. I did it just for one night Ė Saturday Ė then when we come home on the Sunday we still have more of the wknd to enjoy! Genius no? And just in case when I do mention it and the hubby is terribly opposed cause say he has stopped working again then I can cancel our night a few days before the trip. Most hotels wonít let you cancel but I like to find the ones that do. Commitment phob donít ya know?


Yay I'm remembering to post this! I did go swimming tonight with T. We had a good time although talking about her mom's x-mas made me kind of sad. Her mom is watching T's house and pets (reptiles) while they are away. Her mom's bf is also having knee replacement surgery on Friday but T's mom doesn't seem concerned. It's just a weird situation.

It was good seeing T. She's leaving for the Dominican this Friday and the chick is just so layed back. Her guy does 99% of the packing and the worrying about airport and tickets etc.

Keith did a wicked job cleaning the house before T arrived which was awesome. He mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms which are 2 jobs I don't really like.

This weekend cannot come fast enough for me. I'm not sure why. Probably cause I want to start putting x-mas away. Although oddly enough our tree is doing supremely well! The needles haven't even started falling off yet! I even ran my hand over branches today and nuthin'. It's just...weird. It feels like a shame to take the tree down! But next week is the last week for tree pick up so I guess we need to take it down. But man we should definitely get our tree from the lot down the street again next year - beautiful long lasting trees that are decent in price!

Mkay it's bedtime - nite!

10:12 p.m. - 2012-01-04


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