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Thank God for the save button


Truth be told I Ďchecked outí of working over half an hour ago. I still have 15 minutes till I get to leave so that tells you how long Iíve been unproductive!

Part of my problem if you will is that I amÖ.anxious on behalf of the hubby. He has a doctorís appointment today at 4:30 in which the doctor is going to look at the lump on his neck. Itís filled with fluid so everyone is pretty non concerned but I like to get a person with a medical licence to comment before I feel any relief. So yah, thatís on my mind.

I was looking for a document earlier in my word folder and found all these documents from years gone by. Oh by the by I have been at my job just shy of 12 years! It will be 12 in March. Insane!! Anywho I began to dig around in the folder and found all these different types of documents. Some were ideas for stories that I had in my head, some were journal-type entries where I documented my weekend, poems that I liked, poems that I wrote. It was just a blast and it reminded me that I like to write. I like to be creative. Itís weird how you can forget or lose that.

I also went down memory lane in my emails as well. I have a handful of emails from when Keith and I first met and our initial conversations Ė just his side cause I guess he deleted my end before sending his response. But it didnít matter it just reminded me why I fell in love with him. There is absolutely nothing mushy in the emails, he is in fact just matter of fact in them but he liked me and his words showed that. I couldnít stop smiling as I read them and I got that squishy feeling in my stomach that reminded me just how much I love that guy. Okay thatís enough of that nonsense!

So I have been thinking a lot about New Years Resolutions. People hate them. People love them. People donít even acknowledge them. I was trying to figure out where I stand. I donít make a declaration to friends and family but normally I do make a few comments in this journal about what I would like to accomplish or change for the upcoming year. Itís more of a wish-lish I guess you would say. I get why people scoff as does it really make sense to make these resolutions just because itís a new year? What about the rest of the year? Same as in V-day I guess Ė why have a special day just to say I Love you to someone. Well to that last one I say, itís great to say I Love you and you should say it often but just having that one day to really concentrate on the other person and remember why you fell in love with that person and can forget about all their faults for a while can't be a bad thing. It's not about outrageous roses or big pricy gifts it's taking a moment to plan something special and concentrating on one another for a few hours. Sure we all should be doing this on a regular basis but guess what we're human and sometimes need a day to remind us to take a step back from every day life and really appreciate the one you're with. Wow, that tangent came out of nowhere! I guess I just get sick of people ragging on the big days!


Well it seems my NY resolutions are going to have to wait till next entry. I am home, my belly full of dinner and contemplating making a homemede ice cream cookie sandwich. I'm also watching my latest tv addiction - Drop Dead Diva. I watched the first two seasons last month and I have about 7 left of the 3rd season. It's an excellent show that I cannot recommend enough!

Oh by the by the hubby got squat at the doctor's appointment tonight. The doctor said they no longer do anything about those kind of things now-a-days. Now they refer you to a specialist who can look into removing it for you for a PRICE. Yah we have to pay for that privelage and let me tell ya here in Canada that just ain't cool. But we will get it removed cause when it swells up it's sore.

Mkay it's been decided. Cookie Sandwich and DropDeadDiva! STAT!

7:41 p.m. - 2012-01-05


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