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Okay okay enough about x-mas already I know

Hump Day. I got too used to not working Monday's the last few weeks cause to me it feels like it should be Thursday. Luckily though tomorrow is my Friday so yay!

I've been having a few melt downs at work lately. Oh not in a bad way - melt down is too dramatic I guess
they are more like rantings of a lunatic. I just get pissy about certain co-workers getting away with murder when I had to claw and fight my way for everything at this place - newbies walk in and POW they do what they want with no consequences and get NO flack. Pisses. Me. Off. BUT since I could feel my blood pressure literally rising I just have to make a conscious decision to Let It Go. Life's too short - so what if she gets away with murder? Karma baby. I just gotta belive what goes around comes around. Sigh.

My co-worker did make me laugh though cause I told her every afternoon around 3pm I should have a Ranting Session. She told me that I already do that! Then she pointed out that I always do it while I'm drinking my afternoon coffee. I guess it revs me up!

I did find out something interesting though - my "office" does not have a dress code. We did but our union apparently negotiated to get rid of it. I have no idea when or why but it basically means managers can 'suggest' you not wear jeans to work every day but can't do anything about it if you do. Huh. Interesting. Not that I'll wear jeans every day but it's good to know on days I just am not feeling the dress up vibe I can throw on some jeans and go into work and not worry about the stinky eye from my manager (well okay she can still give it but it doesn't mean I have to care!).

So I was looking forward to going out with C tomorrow after work. We were going to meet up at the mall and have dinner and just shop around but she's having wicked back spasms so I doubt it's going to happen. Right now it's 90% cancelled.

It's sad when that's the highlight of my week! It shows how little I go out now (in an effort not to spend money).

Friday is my flex. I plan on getting up early and going to get some blood work done (then in 2 weeks time going for the dreaded doctor's appt). After the blood thing I'll probably grab a coffee and come back home where I will - fingers crossed - finally do some organizing. The hubby will be at work so realistically this should happen. Other than that we really have no plans for the weekend.

We've had some nice weather the last few days - I've even been out walking on my lunch hours. That weather is about to change on Friday though so back to bundling up.

I've been taking it easy on my walks this week due to the sore knee from my twisted/splits fall. Today I really wanted to walk further cause it was just so beautiful but then I realized I was limping and my whole leg was kind of sore. I actually made myself slow down so that my leg wouldn't be so bothered. The spirit is strong the body is not! I really should give yoga a try one of these days and see how my leg holds up.

Ugh - I was craving chocolate so I had some of my no sugar added chocolate that I got for Christmas from K's mom. It's okay but you know it's not the real thing. His mom puts it in my stocking but this will be the last time I get it cause not only are we not exchanging gifts anymore but she decided she didn't want to do stockings either and made all her kids take them home. I get that it's like 14 stockings with grandkids etc but COME ON you don't buy anything for x-mas now! And stockings are cheap little thrills that are easy to give. Whatever - I think I'll call this the x-mas of the BAH-HUMBUG cause that's how most people were acting.

Mkay enough of that! Time to go and chillax for a bit before bed time. Hopefully tonight I can fall asleep easlily - last night suuuucked - I could not turn the brain off.

This laptop is driving me nuts, okay just the mouse pad - I can't turn it off like I could the old laptop. I accidentally hit it while typing and have lost whole paragraphs and moved the cursor without realizing and I keep typing. The hardships I know.

8:28 p.m. - 2012-01-11


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