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Home Alone...get the laundry basket out!

Friday the 13th. Everyone keeps saying it but really it doesn't mean anything to me - except that this Friday the 13th is my older brother and his wife's anniversary. Hm I'm not sure how many years - maybe 16?

So I did end up going shopping with C yesterday. She had her hubby drive her and we all had dinner together at the food court then the girls went one way and he went another. We ran into him a few times but it was all fine - we had a good time. There were a lot of bargains out there which was good and bad. Bad because I'm not supposed to be spending money. One item I did want to get was a calendar for our basement (something beer or alochol related). The calendar kiosk still has calendars at 40% off. Give me a break!!! They should be at least 70% by now - I'd even take 50%! But I refuse to budge at 40%!

So what did I buy? A laptop bag - regular price $49.99 - bought for $12. A pair of sneakers regular $47.99 - bought for $14 and 2 tops for $11. So I really don't feel that bad for spending the money. The tops were my 'splurge' if you will. They were shiny tank tops that I would wear under sweaters etc. C spent $90 on a 3 piece yoga outfit so I don't feel too bad about my spending!

All in all it was a good night until I went to bed. We went to bed around 10 and I tossed and turned till about 11 at which time my stomach said hmmm how much greasy food did you eat today? I think I would like to expel it please. At which I said no - we do not expel food! So I got up, took some pepto then sat for a miserable hour on the couch convincing my stomach to calm down. I did eventually go back to bed but it was a miserable sleep.

I was up by 9 this morning and even then I had to drag myself out of bed cause I had to go and get some blood work done - and since I had to fast for this test I couldn't dilly dally and waste the morning.

I got outside to find that it had snowed a bit last night but the worse was my icy covered windows. I hate scraping windows.

Anywho, I got the car scraped, got my blood drawn, went to W-Mart for a few items and now I am home with a load of laundry in. The afteroon is mine to do with what I may!

And what is that? Hm. I've been told to clean off the pvr (all my shows currently) so I may plunk down and watch a few shows in between loads of laundry (multi-tasking!). I plan on having grilled cheese for lunch and this is exciting me a little too much.

Keith will probably be home around 3:30 so really I don't have all that much of the day to myself. Mkay time to go and have fun!

11:56 a.m. - 2012-01-13


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