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Busy weekends are good too

I had this entry sitting in my inbox so um yah I might as well post it:

There’s something interesting about coming back from a 2 day weekend and having it feel as if it was a 3 day weekend. I could have sworn I was off on Friday! I packed so much into this weekend that I am amazed I was only gone for 2 days! This is good and bad. Good because I had so much fun. Bad because I am so exhausted I just want to go home and curl up in my bed! I know Keith feels the same way – probably more so as he was up an hour earlier than me this morning.

So Friday I got off work at 3pm in hopes to zoom home and somehow leave around 3:30 for T dot. Haha. That did not happen. We had to clean out the car, pack the car, wait while Keith did a million little things around the house, put air in all 4 tires, fill up the car with gas and finally stop for food since it was now pretty much dinner time so we might as well eat before leaving town! It was 4:20 when we got on the road. We obviously got stuck in rush hour traffic. Hm wait did I even mention where we were going? We were headed for T dot for the night for a birthday party – S’s guy “The Singer” was having his birthday at a bar where he and his band were performing. Normally K and I stay with S but I thought I would make an adventure out of our wknd and found us an awesome hotel deal – 10 minutes down the street from the bar. The hotel included 2 tickets to the Science Cntr for Saturday (normally a $60 value). So basically the hotel cost us $40. Of course in my head I did not factor in food, drink and cab fares so really it was an expensive weekend.

We checked in around 6-ish and were astounded at the size of our hotel room – it was a sweet suite. I even offered to have an after party at the hotel if S wanted but she turned it down as she had cake back at her place but little did I realize cake wasn’t until the bar closed down at 2am so I’m kind of glad she said no. K and I tried to nap from 7 to 8 as we were told to be at the bar for 8:30. Napping was unsuccessful. We got ready, had a few drinks and then tried to figure out how to get to the bar – we were going to take the street car but unbeknown to us we were standing on the wrong side so we would have went in the wrong direction! Finally K just said to take a cab which proved very smart. We were there in no time with only a little extra than it would cost to take the street car.

I am such a novice with bars that I didn’t realize ‘The Singer’ would be playing on and off all night. So really there was no rush for us to get there and we could have napped properly. But hindsight eh? The night turned out to be fun though. The band were great – it’s just 3 guys in it – and it’s kind of a mix of folk music and blues – not hardcore at all. The time flew and before we knew it, it was 2am! A group of people were heading back to S’s to celebrate the b-day but we bailed as I knew it would be an all nighter for the group and K and I had fun stuff to do the next day and I didn’t want to be suffering a hangover. We cabbed it back to the hotel (I hailed a cab!!). We had the munchies so we walked around for a bit and finally found a 24 hour convenience store that sold food. I bought a sandwich and Keith bought an assortment of food. A drunk guy in front of us was causing a huge stir in the store and words were being said and I was just hoping no weapons were going to be pulled! But they kicked the drunk guy out although he continued to yell slurs and insults while outside. Keith and I just sort of slunked off back to our hotel. We ate our food and then headed to bed which reminds me I need to go and write a travel review – most part is good but there were a few things I would warn others about.

Seven hours later we were tired and blurry eyed but I was determined to go for a swim (oh yah that was a total bonus that the hotel had a pool). I dragged Keith with me (he wouldn’t swim) but I had no idea where the pool was. It was a good thing he came with cause the pool was WAY far and down many corridors. The pool itself was lacking so I swam literally for 10 minutes and then got out to drip dry as they had no towels!

We eventually checked out for 11 and headed off to the Science Centre with a quick stop for lunch at an expensive Cdn sub shop that is going to price itself out of business! After our pricy lunch we headed to the Science Centre where we wandered for a few hours looking at everything (there is really no need to go more than every few years as most of the displays are still the same). We ended the trip there with an IMAX movie which was pretty awesome - although I did get a bit of motion sickness going on during it. We eventually headed north to my parents and arrived just in time for dinner. Many games of scrabble related games were played throughout the evening.

Sunday after church we had bkfst for lunch at the legion (except Keith and I stopped for a car wash cause we thought we had enough time but they sent a search party out for us!). After lunch we headed Eastward to my brother and sil's for the parties. Funny enough most of us arrived at the same time which was cool. It was a fun get together. When the kids were younger it was so chaotic but now that they are older I find I enjoy myself more. I don't get as strung out from all the crying/fighting. So that was my weekend in a pretty big nutshell.

This weekend we are expecting S and 'The Singer' for a visit and I just got an email last night letting me know that as of RIGHT NOW they are on a health kick and won't be drinking for a few months. I'm thinking they must have had wicked hangovers this past wknd to prompt this. I mean have they ever heard of moderation? Whatev. I went along with it, told them we had non-alcoholic bevs. It ain't gonna stop me from partaking though. I don't drink much so I don't feel bad about chugging back a few. I just thought of something funny since they are on this 'health kick' we should make sure to feed them nothing but crap food all weekend. Hehe. I'm nuthin' if not wicked!

I stayed an extra 25 minutes at work last night to cover phones - my manager asked me if I would. She's giving me an hour in lieu which I think is pretty sweet. I have a feeling my hours may get changed to 9:15 to 5:15. Just a hunch right now.

Mkay that is all...for now!

9:21 p.m. - 2012-01-24


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