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Mid week entry ...wha?

Itís like as soon as I open the little word window on my computer all thoughts fly out of my head. Word is now my kryptonite? Really?

I have half an hour left of work and no work (that I want to do). Itís been a slow day. Thankfully tomorrow is my Friday. 3 day work week Ė you rock. Would that every week be that short. I half wish I brought my book from home to read but I know that would be a bad idea. That book is totally making me laugh-out-loud constantly. And not just a snicker here or there but a full belly laugh that has me gasping for air Ė man I love when books can do that to me! The writer is just so damn witty. Maybe I should find if she has a website and let her know how much I appreciate her writing Ė she would like that wouldnít she?

So no swimming for me tonight Ė T cancelled. I guess that leaves me more time to read! Sadly it doesnít. Keith will want to watch a movie I already know this. Ah well at least itís a movie I said I want to watch.

Tomorrow morning I have to drop one of the cars off at our mechanic. The brakes need to be done. Ugh. Keith first suggested I do this on Friday (my day off) and I admit I may have lost it on him (a day off is supposed to be fun damnit). He got mad and we dropped it. So today I took matters into my own hands and called the mechanic and set it all up for tomorrow instead. So smart. Iím just like my dad I have come to realize. He/we donít come up with a solution to a problem on the spot (unless itís obvious Ė weíre not idiots). But if it requires some manoeuvring or timing issues we both step back from the problem, think about it on our own and then come up with a solution! Thatís kind of cool though.

But one thing my dad and I do differ on is party planning! My dad is driving me crazy. He called last week and asked if I would call my older brother and his family to find out if they could make it to my momís surprise party Ė so I did Ė except my dad never called back to find out the answer. Argh. That man slays me. My mom normally handles party arrangements so heís out of his element and busy so he just forgets to do the little things that make a partyÖlike confirm the guest list. Sigh.

So on Friday I have a massage booked. I booked it for after my doctorís appointment which I just found out (the day I booked my massage) that it has been cancelled. This is the second time my doctorís office has cancelled my appointment. The first time they said he was sick but this time they havenít said why. They did say heíd probably be off for 3 Ė 4 weeks so Iím guessing that heís still sick? It doesnít sound like a good thing is what Iím saying. So I had to call in my prescriptions to the pharmacy who will fax my doctorís office (other side of the wall!!) and some doctor who is filling in for the afternoon will renew it for me. They better not charge me is all Iím saying.

This blood sugar thing is a pain. I went for a walk at lunch and by the end (last 10 minutes of a 45 minute walk) I felt like crap. I was sweating a lot (although I did overdress a bit) but really I started to feel super weak and a bit shaky. I really didnít do anything differently than the day before when I felt GREAT. Ugh. Annoying.

Iím considering making cupcakes tonight for my co-worker/friendís birthday. Sheís turning 50 so you know itís a special one. Technically her b-day is Friday but sheís not here (nor am I). Weíll see if I have the ingredients and more importantly have the stamina!

10 minutes left. I have peeíd, got my stuff together and have begun logging off the less important programs on my computer. I am on phones (right now!) so I canít log off everything. Hm I should do yoga tonight, I havenít done it since I hurt my neck. It would probably help with the stiffness.


Update from the other side of the work day! No yoga. No ingredients for cupcakes (but Keith went out and bought some mix for me). So I did make them but now I'm realizing I have to get up early to ice them (why did I do this again?). Plus I can't surprise her with them cause I'm now going to be late from dropping my car off. Ugh.

Oh but we didn't watch a movie tonight. We also didn't watch Survivor which isn't cool but meh I'm in the bedroom watching it sneakingly. You know Keith is gonna come up from the basement 2 minutes before the end of tribal council don't you??

8:36 p.m. - 2012-02-22


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