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You know, it’s a shame my hubby doesn’t like coffee, cause I had some nice coffee dripping down into my cleavage earlier today. Mmm coffee cleavage. Moving on!

Wait…speaking of cleavage, I keep looking down at my rack and feeling conspicuous. It just seems to be saying “WHAM LOOK AT ME!!”. Or it could be that I’ve been wearing the old less flattering bras the last few days while I’ve been sick. I guess this does mean I am on the mend when I put the girls on full display!

So I haven’t walked in about a week. Sick and all. I feel a lot better but wasn’t going to push it by trying to do my hour lunch walk (plus I didn’t bring my walking clothes). But I decided to walk to the library to find a book by that author that made me LOL. Of course it was then I realized I don’t remember names of authors or book titles. Stumped. Hm but wait! I started googling odd names that popped into my head. Nuthin’. I just about gave up when I remembered the book had a ball of yarn on the front and had something to do with knitting! That’s why it took me so long to read this one as I thought it would be boring cause of that picture. So I googled knitting and chick lit and voila there she was! Oh alright fine her name is Robyn Hard-ing. She’s a very funny read. So I walked to my local library, found 3 books by her and got them all. I even sat and started reading one for about 15 minutes and I knew it wasn’t a fluke – she’s a good writer! I am already looking forward to rushing home and curling up with this book!

Speaking of curling up. The hubby and I are still sleeping in separate beds so I asked him last night how he enjoyed it and he admitted that it was nice the first night sleeping solo in our queen bed but by the second night he missed me lying beside him! Be still my beating heart!

I found out from Keith we have to be at the hospital by 8am tomorrow, his surgery is for 9am. That means getting up at 7. So basically no sleeping in at all. Bummer. I had a tough time falling asleep last night even with my ny-quil fix. Once I start to get better the big Q stops working on me. I did have some wicked dreams though this morning that involved T’s mom and made her laugh when I told her about them.

Besides that I got nuthin'. It's officially my weekend and the hubs is cooking dinner. My sil emailed me and asked us to call or skype them tonight she said it's regarding her birthday which I believe is next weekend.

A'ight time to go and find my book and let the good reading times begin!

5:54 p.m. - 2012-03-01


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