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The call we all hate to get

Well that server move would explain why I couldn't even open d-land last night. I may have freaked out a little. I haven't backed up in ages. Anyway here's yesterday's entry:

It was a good weekend til the phone rang on Sunday morning.

But let’s start at the beginning: Friday. Friday I took Keith to the hospital to get a cyst removed from his neck. We were up at 7am and at the hospital by 8:05. By 8:45 we had left the hospital. It was that quick! He had a bandage on his neck and it bled but thankfully not through the band aid. He spent the day resting…in front of his computer game. I alternated between cleaning our bedroom and watching tv. I vacuumed up dust bunnies from under the bed and closet. There was a lot of dust! I emptied the canister twice! The back of my legs were sore the rest of the weekend. That evening we ordered pizza for dinner and watched a movie – Tower Heist – not bad. Oh I also took a walk! Almost an hour walk. The weather was beautiful.

Saturday was grey and stormy!! And cold! So glad I walked the day before. Saturday we both did a whole lot of nothing. I watched tv, read my book (and finished it) and was on the laptop. It was a lovely day. At 4 I showered. At 6 we started thinking about what to have for dinner. By 7 we finally just decided to go out and use a gift card we received years ago. We found out one of the restaurants on the card (the one we were choosing to go to) had gone out of business!! Probably just within the last week or so. Irony. Finally we decided at 8 to go and eat at our Greek place. They wouldn’t let me substitute chicken for shrimp which makes no sense and I will probably write a letter telling them to quit being so strict! After that we hit Wmart and bought pie that we never ate cause we were too full. I have a feeling we watched a movie but I can’t remember what it was! We watched some of SNL and called it a night.

Sunday I woke up early and debated going to church. I’m not proud to admit laziness won out. I watched a movie on tv I had never seen. Around 11:50 the phone rang – long distance ring. Keith answered, he got up, turned off the tv and told the person he was handing the phone to me while mouthing ‘bad news’. It was my older brother. He had received a call from relatives looking for my uncle. They asked him to go and check on him. He went to his house, opened the front door with his key. The inside door was locked from the inside so he had to call the police to help him break in. They did and they found my uncle in the bathroom. Not alive. They called the coroner in who had put the time of death approximately 72 hours previous. He said it looked like it was a heart attack – sudden and he probably passed with little pain. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I always worry about getting these calls and here I was getting my first one. I asked my brother a few more questions like will we call our parents – in Taiwan ?! We decided they should know and he was going to call them later. He totally took on the big brother role. I got off the phone and was stunned. I sat back down in front of the movie I had been watching. Keith sat beside me holding my hand. I would make a comment or ask a question but besides that was I dry eyed. The movie was done. Keith suggested we get out of the house and do a bit of shopping. He told me to have a shower first. Once in the shower it hit me – my uncle was dead. I began to sob. I stopped, finished showering. Brushed my teeth and then began to sob again. Keith just held me. For the rest of the day he was by my side. If I started to tear up he would distract me. He was amazing. We played many games of our monopoly deal game and as usual it got personal (we both are not graceful losers). I may have even begun crying at one point. Of course I was also a tad emotional yesterday.

At 8pm my brother called and said he had tried calling my parents but some of the contact numbers they gave didn’t’ work. He did manage to get through to one and leave a message for them to call him. We weren’t sure it would get to them. WE weren’t sure we wanted it to get to them. This was a trip of a lifetime for my parents. Would they try and come home early? How would my mom take it?

This morning I had a text from my brother, my parents had called him around 11 concerned. He told them the news. He said my mom was in shock but they had decided to stay for the week. I’m sure it is going to put a pall on their trip though. Yesterday was also my mom’s birthday. My heart is breaking for what my mom is going through. All I can do is pray that she stays strong and that both her and my dad make it home safely.

I slept soundly thanks to 2 herbal sleeping pills. I awoke at 5:30 with Keith and tried to go back to sleep as he got up for work. At 6 I gave up and got up and began to get ready for the day – I never do this.

Keith and I are supposed to head to K-town to visit my younger brother, sil and Mr D this weekend. That was up in the air but now I guess it is back on. We will leave when Keith gets off work on Friday. I already have it off. It’s my sil’s birthday. I’m trying to remember when my parents fly in on Sunday and if we’ll be able to stop on the way home so I can give my mom a big hug. It’s hard to believe I just saw my uncle last weekend…sitting across the table from me for my mom’s birthday. Life. Wow.

**Update - my parents decided not to stay and booked a flight home. They will be arriving on Wednesday evening. Sigh.

7:00 a.m. - 2012-03-06


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