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So remember when I said yesterday that my laughter is going to turn into sobbing? Yah I wasn't wrong. Yesterday at lunch my mechanic called and told me my car was ready and to come get it. As I walked to the car on my lunch hour I suddenly began to cry. No warning whatsoever. I got myself under control, got into the vehicle and then proceeded to sob. That seems to be the way I handle stuff. I push it away until my body suddenly tells me to deal with it and I start crying. I called Keith cause I figure he could get me in better spirits. After a few minutes I was able to hang up, blow my nose and continue on my way. Thankfully my eyes weren't red. My mechanic's wife wasn't there (she takes the money) so I left without paying which I do occasionally. Although he said the problem wasn't that bad but last time he said that I paid $400 for a brake job so I'm not sure what his 'not bad' entails. I figure I'll go pay him next Thursday when I get paid. He doesn't mind waiting.

I did find out yesterday that I get no days off for bereavment for an uncle. Pretty much every other relative I get at least one day - in-law's and everything - but not uncle or aunt. Interesting. It pisses me off that a girl in my office took 3 days off for a brother-in-law who died in India and I can't have one day to go to my uncle's funeral - there's just something wrong with that. C'est la vie.

So after all that fun I emailed my boss and asked to take vacation for the rest of the week. I was done. This month has taken it out of me. Plus my hubby was home and we don't get many days together especially since he doesn't get vacation like I do. So to hell with it, I'm off for 4 days.

And this weather? This weather is freakily amazing. I awoke to a thunder storm at my regular time to get up, listened to it rain and carry on for a bit then I rolled over and went back to sleep for 3 more hours - awesome. It was overcast for most of the day but SO warm! I dragged Keith out to the farmer's market and we bought corn on the cob, strawberries, summer sausage and buns. Oh and 2 mini cheesecake things for dessert! I love the farmer's market. After we went to Keith's chiro appointment where our chiro was amazed at how well he is recovering, which is awesome to hear of course. We then picked up a few more items and headed home. I drank my coffee and read my book outside (reading outside!!!). Once I finished my book I forced myself to go for a walk. Forced. I've been slacking lately. Once out there I of course loved it! I even walked for an extra 15 minutes just cause I could. Although I got quite tired at the end mostly cause I was starving! So now I am home and Keith is bbq'ing our burgers and our corn is boiling away! I cannot wait for dinner!

The car situation is kind of resolving itself in a weird way. My parents called last night and asked us if we would be interested in my uncle's car. It's a 2002 buick something or other. None of us are sure what it is. But if we are interested my parents will go down Saturday pick it up and my dad will take it to his mechanic to get it certified, e-tested and to see if there's any major problems. All we would have to pay would be for the mechanic - not the car. I guess my family decided that the car would go to someone in the family if they needed a car....and that would be Keith and I. But I'm not getting too excited cause we don't know what kind of shape the car was in. We do know we would need a seat cover cause the front seat is in rough shape. That's not a big deal. It's kind of sad though that I can't remember what kind of car my uncle drove - I just never paid attention. All that talk of my uncle must have made me dream of him last night. I had a dream my family was eating dinner and my uncle was standing between Keith and I, I got my mom's attention and told her to take a picture of In my dream I knew my uncle was dead but it was like we were allowed this weird experience to be with him. My mom realized it too and ran for her camera. I don't feel sad about the dream though.

Well dinner is ready. I hear the burgers are um a bit burnt and the bacon that was to go with um burnt to a crisp on the bbq (he was warming it up). Ah well at least there's still cheese!

10:40 a.m. - 2012-03-16


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