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It’s Monday. I am back to work. I am slowly struggling to put things into perspective. I have so many thoughts, feelings, emotions swirling around in my head these days. One day I am having a pity party for the events going on in my life. Then I click to a blog where a woman is facing her own mortality far too soon and she is pretty much powerless to stop it and reading her thoughts and feelings and being able to read how she is trying to come to terms with having possibly only months to live is extremely heart breaking and thought provoking. I sometimes get so down about how far in debt Keith and I are. I get so anxious about the fact that we owe so much money and even though I know the tide will begin to turn one day I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by it all. But then….I read about the above and I almost want to drop to my knees in gratitude and I suddenly don’t want to take anything for granted in my life. Suddenly, the debt that is sky high suddenly seems a blip on the radar. Yes, it is high. Yes, it is pressing us down. But you know…10 years from now…..this debt will hopefully have been just a blip in our lives. A ‘tough time’ if you will. Something that will help us remember how lucky we are and not to take money for granted when we have it again. I fear I am sounding like an idiot here but I have to get it down on paper.

I’m trying to get back to normal but with my uncle’s funeral looming this weekend it’s kind of hard to do. I now know why funeral’s are held so close after someone passes away. Closure. It will be good to finally say ‘goodbye’ to my uncle properly. I went on the funeral home website today and was looking at pictures that people have put there. There are so many faces that I do not recognize. It hit me today how little I knew of my uncle’s life. I knew he had friends – many many friends – and that he was involved heavily in the community but I didn’t know the particulars. I am looking at all these pictures people took of him – at parties, in parades etc and I just feel bad I didn’t ask more questions. Instead I became irritated when he asked too many questions to me (granted he asked the same ones a lot) but still….why didn’t I reciprocate more?

On a whole new topic, when Keith and I were out this weekend we ran into our neighbours from across the street. A married couple that have two daughters. Keith and I went shopping at this ritzy grocery store cause we had a gift card. I wonder if they think we shop there all the time! Anywho the woman spotted us and we all chatted for a bit. She asked what we were doing for St Pat’s and we told her we were going to a friend’s party. She told us they were also having a party. Then she went on to say that the 4 of us should get together one weekend to play cards etc. The worst part is I cannot remember their names! I really should be more social with the neighbours. Both Keith and I are home bodies and are not very social in our neighbourhood. We will stop and talk to our neighbours but we’re not outside a lot and we don’t stand around chit chatting for half an hour or so. Looks like that might be changing with the couple across the street. I think we even made a tentative date for the 2nd week in April to hang out with them. I should figure out their names soon. I felt bad afterwards that I didn’t even think to exchange phone numbers or email addresses etc with her to set anything up. I don’t want to be that non committal neighbour!

So we were invited to a friend of a friend’s St Patty’s Day party. I was feeling up and down about it until the very moment I stepped out the door. It’s obviously been too long since I went out to a party cause I had this nervous excitement going on. It turned out to be a really fun time. There were exploding beer bottles (only 2 people got cut), crazy wild dancing, lots and lots of drinking and a wee bit of mischief going on between the hostess and a guest. It was a much needed night of fun.

Unfortunately both Keith and T's hubby were feeling the affects the next day. Keith was sick at 7am and J had me pull the car over as we drove him to pick up his car the next morning. T and I were just fine! Girl power!

6:53 p.m. - 2012-03-19


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