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Blargh. Last night was just bad. I got home from work to find no Keith. Hm one week ago that same thing happened! This time I changed clothes, grabbed my cell, grabbed the regular phone and my book and headed outside to wait. Soon enough he arrived home from his chiro appointment and grocery shopping. We had a pleasant evening and then right before bed everything fell apart. We were both grouchy. Keith, was sick of making our lunches. I had good intentions of at least starting them but instead I had two IM conversations on FB going at once as well as emailing friends regarding T’s birthday plans.

Keith was bitching under his breath and I just lost it, I freaked out. Looking back I over reacted. At the time my blood was boiling. We finished our chores in silence (after I told him not to touch me as he tried to hug me). I got ready for bed, got in bed and no Keith. Finally I got up and found him in the living room lying on the love seat. He proceeded to stay there til 10:30 when I finally got up again and told him he had to go to bed as he was going to be tired and hurt his neck. Then I burst into tears. Cliché I know. I then began to ramble and my fears about this weekend – going to my uncle’s funeral – came tumbling out. On Friday I will be going by myself as Keith and I agreed he shouldn’t ask for any more time off (our finances are so precarious right now we cannot afford at any cost for him to lose this job). But I didn’t realize how much it would bother me going solo to the small cemetery ceremony.

He hugged me and let me cry it out and then we finally went to bed where we both tossed and turned…turned and tossed…watched the clock inch forward into the wee hours of the morning. Maybe around 1am Keith left the bed to sleep in the other room. I got up this morning and he was gone. I can only imagine how tired he is going to be all day. Probably as tired as me. It’s going to be a long day.

I walked over to the car rental place on my lunch hour. I decided what the hell, all they can say is no, if I ask about switching cars due to the stupid blind spots in the car I’m currently driving. Well, lo and behold, the guy told me that was a common problem and offered me another vehicle. I tried out 2 cars and both were fine, I took the small snazzy red one (can’t remember what it was) that is also more efficient on fuel. I was up in the air about rushing back to work and exchanging the vehicles now or waiting til after work. They close at 5, I could be there at 4:45. The guy reminded me that I would need to gas the other one up (to the spot they gave it to me). So I walked back to work, grabbed my purse, headed out and gassed the car ($13 to get it back to that stupid line and I barely drove it!). I might have had enough time to do the transfer but then vanity got in my way. I showed up a hot sweaty mess earlier, would they recognize me in my work clothes looking cool as a cucumber? Plus I am liking my outfit today – sue me. Oh and the real reason is that since they close at 5pm they can’t take their sweet ass time going over my car looking for scrapes etc. They will want to leave at 5! Win-win!

10:18 p.m. - 2012-03-20


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