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Thank God for waterproof mascara

I am tired. Maybe even exhausted. But that word sounds so melodramatic. Basically I am just glad this weekend is over. Finally.

Thursday afternoon I left work early – 1:15. I drove to my mechanics to pay him for work done on our car (the one that still works). I also took a deep breath and showed him the 2 invoices for brake jobs he had done on the same car only 8 months apart. He was going to look into it but even he was puzzled by the 2 jobs being done in such a time frame. I might get some sort of credit but I don’t know yet.

I then hit the highway to my parents. It was a beautiful drive. The sun was shining full blast. I had all 4 windows opened and I drove the back way taking my time and just enjoying the afternoon. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a drive like that. I arrived at my parents and my mom and I had dinner (my dad was at a church mtg). I then helped my mom make picture collages of my uncle for the funeral home. I made her laugh a few times and we made quick time with the photos.

The next morning I was up at 7am and by 9am we hit the road to go to the cemetery for the burial. It was just a small gathering of family. Afterwards we headed back to my uncle’s where we had some lunch and then eventually left for the funeral home for the first visitation 2 – 4. A lot of people came through which was nice. My mom was quite popular but she handled it really well.

My dad and I left around 4 to go to the DMV to transfer ownership of my uncle’s car to me. My dad pretty much did everything for me. He even put insurance on my uncle’s car under my name (which I forgot and was the cause of a huge meltdown on my part at the end of the weekend). By the time we got back to my uncle’s house to have dinner I was beyond starving as I didn’t eat much lunch and I was a shaky diabetic mess (although I hid it well). It was at that moment, of course, that Keith called to tell me the car rental place wanted the car back and if we kept it we would now be being charged (as opposed to our insurance). He yelled at me, I yelled at him, and finally when we figured out who he could call – they were closed for the day and nothing could be done.

It was decided that I would skip the evening visitation from 7-9 and head home instead. This was a good thing as I was exhausted – emotionally and physically. I pretty much went to bed within an hour or so of getting home.

Keith and I were up super early Saturday and out the door by 8:30 on our way to the memorial service. There was talk of a lot of people at first and then the numbers were drastically cut back (all heresay). By the time the service started it was standing room only – so probably a few hundred people. I was in charge of watching little D as his parents were going to sing in the service. This….proved to be more of a challenge than I thought. He is 25 months old and will not sit still. Down. Down. That’s what he repeats until you release him and if you don’t release him he begins to squeal and cry. At the end of my rope is what I was. His parents had started feeding him goldfish before the service started which is a huge shame cause that snack right there could have bought me most of the service time. Needless to say I missed most of my uncle’s service. I was up and down, in and out, back and forth with that kid. Finally at the end of my rope I sat down with him and my sil and I tag teamed keeping him quiet along with his cousins. His parents had sung and at that point I let him run over to them. I don’t think they were too pleased but my mom was about to give her eulogy and I was not going to miss that.

My mom’s eulogy was beautiful. She’s a good speaker regardless but she was prepared and spoke well about her brother. She read a few exerts of essays he had written (no dates so we’re not sure when). But my uncle was labelled semi-retarded as a young child. He remembers dates – any and all dates – tell him once and he remembered for life. He remembered facts about everyone and everything. But he lacked in social situations. Although he even overcame that as he was part of numerous organizations. His words were so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes as my mom read them. He spoke of people treating each other fairly and it was so simple yet so poetic. Needless to say I was crying out and out as my mom spoke. I hadn’t cried the whole weekend up till then.

After the memorial we eventually headed back to my parents and had a quiet night. Sunday was church as normal. I watched Little D for a bit then my mom took over (again his parents were singing - I swear they sing just to have some peace!). Keith and I eventually hit the road back home around 3:30 - in seperate cars. We made it home safe and sound and it was shortly after that when I lost it on my husband. I yelled a few things and did that scream in frustration thing. I think I was just done. I was tired and sad and frustrated and a million other emotions. But I pieced myself back together with Keith's help and now it's on to the next drama: replacing our new (to us) car!

7:34 p.m. - 2012-03-27


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