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Capturing a moment of cube life

I can’t help but laugh at the irony as I sit here in my small cubicle at work eavesdropping on my ‘cube mate’ on the other side of the wall. She is on the phone constantly and here are the topics she discusses – a lot:

*Her new blackberry (her husband just got his and she was going to get a regular cell but darn it all if it wasn’t cheaper to go the blackberry route!)

*The CRUISE she is going on to the Bahamas in less than 5 days!!!

*The flight to Vegas she just booked for her trip in June!!!

*The fact she’s lost more than 10 pounds in a week due to being on a diet meant for patients going in for cardiac surgery!!!

Okay now here’s where I say I’m not really bitter – a bit bitter but it’s not like she doesn’t deserve it – her husband is retired from a really good job, they don’t have any kids living at home (he has 2 from his first marriage). So I can’t begrudge them their happiness….I just don’t need to hear about it ALL freakin’ day long! I could try and drown her out with my radio but I’m sure the others around me would be pissy with me for that. I could try and block her out by using headphones etc except that I am on phones off and on throughout the day and um that would be wrong.

Just for shits and giggles here’s my list of things going on the last month!

*Death of a relative

*$500 brake job on car

*Husband in car accident (whiplash and concussion)

*Car totalled…buh-bye brake job!

*Other car acting like an ass and costing us money we don’t have.

*Receiving uncle’s car as gift that is costing us $1900 money we learned we will never recoup cause this car is unsellable (it’s a tank that no one will buy and has a lot of other issues)

*Best friend’s mom dealing with really crappy health care issue (the latest is she’ll have to visit a haematologist.)

But surprisingly I am not all “WHY ME GOD…..WHY ME????” Well today I am not. I have my moments – who wouldn’t? I’m kind of looking at it like life happens. I’ve had amazing times and now I am having not so great times. I can rail against the ‘unfairness’ or what have you but is it really unfair? I’m going through tough times. Everyone does. I’m not exempt. Someday I will look back on this entry and go Holy Crap I cannot believe how much shit we went through those few months!! Wow, how did we ever survive?! Or at least that’s what I’m hoping!

5:59 p.m. - 2012-04-03


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