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Yah I wrote this on Thursday

Ah man, itís so hard to bitch about having a cold when youíre reading a blog in which someone is fighting cancer. Kind of takes the wind out of your sails ya know?

So yah Iíve been fighting my minor nuisance of a cold. I havenít even called in sick all week which I have to say is a first for me. Thereís two reasons: a) I only get so many sick days now a year and 2) we are short staffed at work. Now Iím not the most keener employee but the work is plentiful and I am well enough to sit here doing what I do so I figured why not. Although I did call in this morning that I was going to be late. I took some cold meds and went back to sleep for a good hour. Iím sick but Iím not going to be a hero. Iím hoping my boss just appreciates the fact that I did indeed show up to work. And truthfully I am going out tonight with Keith to a comedy show and would feel like a douche not showing up to work but going out tonight.

So my Easter weekend. Yah itís over but I gotsta blog about it! We headed down on Good Friday driving our new (to us) car from my uncle and noticed hm why is chugging when it gets to a certain speed? Yay more future mechanic bills!!! I told my dad about it as soon as we got there and he got on the phone and set up to have it looked at after the weekend (they loaned us their small car). Man I love and appreciate my parents.

Saturday Keith and I helped my parents clean out my uncleís basement Ė we nearly filled another dumpster (that would be #3). Sunday we had Easter dinner with the family. We finally got away around 4-ish. The drive was pretty quiet cause I said some things to Keith in frustration while at my parents and I knew he was stewing. Eventually the car thawed and we began to discuss how much trouble we were going to be in with our cars. Both were giving us trouble. We thought both were transmission related.

When we were at my parents my mom brought both my brothers and myself into her room to show us the Will her and my dad had made up at the lawyers. They had started this before their trip to Taiwan. All 3 of us will be executors of the Will. Then she took out a bag and gave my younger brother a watch from her father and my older brother cufflinks that had been in the family. They were both my uncleís. Then she turned and said that my gift was my uncleís car. Iím not gonna lie I had a hard time keeping a straight face. So far my Ďgiftí has cost us $2000. $1600 in repairs and almost $400 to transfer ownership. Now the new mechanical problems on top of it all. I think I might have been close to tears but I didnít say anything.

When Keith and I got home Sunday night we called my parents to tell them we got home safely. My dad then told me that he and my mom had discussed the car situation and had decided that whatever the cost to fix the car they would cover. They felt bad for all the money we were putting out for a Ďfreeí car. I was a good daughter and said no that it wasnít fair as itís not their fault the car has issues. But they wouldnít take no for an answer they were doing this for us.

The next morning the news got better when I took our car into the mechanics and found out that it just needed a tune up and wasnít the transmission. Can our luck be turning? Oh and Keith came home with the news that he is longer a temporary employee Ė he is now a contract employee of the actual company! This means more money!

9:32 p.m. - 2012-04-14


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