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Now this is paradise. A belly full of wheaties and sitting on my bed wrapped in my duvet. Comfy! Yah I will get up and dressed But for now this is bliss. I was up early yesterday (my day off) to go to my doctor. I was hoping he would tell me that my problems were related to something else but unfortunately he was quite adament they weren't and is sending me for tests next week. Damn. I'm trying not to get worked up or upset til I know what we're dealing with but the 'what if's' of it all is kind of scaring me. I don't mean to be vague but I'm sure I'll write about it once I know what is wrong.

Anywho. A lot's been going on. Last weekend we got our car (big beige as I like to call it) back from my parents. It had a tune up and is now 95% better. It's an old car so you have to cut it slack. Keith and I were having a bad weekend - emotionally. We were bickering and then not talking for a while. I think we were both nervous about the upcoming

**doorbell....not gonna get no pants on**

So yah we were both nervous about...

**wow now they are knocking...persistent. Pretty sure it's either the jehovahs or kids selling candy**

Okay as I was trying to say I'm pretty sure both Keith and I are a little nervous about his new hours. On Monday he starts the afternoon shift 4pm - 1am. This means we won't be seeing each other until the weekend. He'll do the afternoon shift for 2 weeks and then regular hours 6am-4pm. So every 2 weeks we'll be living seperate lives. We're not upset about this as we both like our 'single' time but it will be an adjustment. We'll see if I get super productive or super lazy when I'm by myself!!

Today we need to put up blinds in the spare room so Keith can sleep during the day. We're gonna try seperate rooms to see if that works as he doesn't want to disrupt my sleep when he comes to bed around 4am. Considerate.

Besides that not much else is planned for the day. Keith is super sore from his new job. Every part of his body aches. I feel super bad for him but I don't know what to do. Our tub is too small for him to soak in it. I told him I would give him a massage before he goes for a nap this afternoon. He plans on napping today and then staying up late tonight to get on the new sleeping schedule.

Mkay time to go and catch up on blogs and diary's. I haven't been online all week.

Hopefully when Keith naps I will go out for a few hours. If I don't get out at least once a day I feel like my weekend just passes me by.

10:09 a.m. - 2012-04-21


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