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Part 1 of the Dirty Girls Wknd

Written on Monday morning:

I ain't as good as I once was
That’s just the cold hard truth
I still throw a few back, talk a little smack
When I'm feelin bullet proof
So don't double dog dare me now
'Cause I'd have to call your bluff

The above is part of a country song. I felt the lyrics were apt to my situation this past weekend. Plus I am sitting here feeling slightly ill and just a bit dizzy – but that’s mostly from lack of sleep not the booze thank goodness. I would have went to bed earlier but as luck would have it Keith was WIDE awake last night which in turn meant he kept us both up past our bedtime. The word of the day is going to be coffee….and lots of it.

So this past weekend. Wow. I forgot I still had it in me to party like that. I met up with T and our other friend Crazy to go to the Falls Saturday afternoon. It was a small group but as it turned out that was a good thing. We got to the Falls around 4pm and checked in. Now I had nicknamed this weekend the “Dirty Girls Weekend”. Not because the girls were going to get down and dirty but because we rented a $49 hotel room near the Falls that had TERRIBLE reviews. We were prepared for the worst. Out of the reviews I read the smell of smoke in all the rooms, the stained sheets and terrible bathroom conditions were among a few of them. We were prepared. While I waited to be checked in no less than 4 people came back to complain about their rooms. As the girl checked me in I told her I wouldn’t be back to complain as I had read the reviews online. She was relieved.

We checked into our room and it was……okay. No smoke smell. Clean sheets. The washroom was old but not rundown. Huh. Guess we won the jackpot.

We eventually settled in (after getting more mix and junk food) and taking pictures of Crazy with an abandoned cop car. God I love the Falls. We proceeded to drink for the next several hours. We made wicked blender drinks alternating between vodka and tequila – oh yes it was that kind of night.

Eventually around 11 we walked downtown to a night club. The cop we ran in to forced the girls to ditch their travelling drinks but since I had mine in a pink water bottle I was a-ok. We eventually made it to the night club but not before: going to 2 bank machines, the lobby of a new hotel to use the facilities, stopping for Crazy to get a sub and for me to try and steal a balloon hat from a drunk guy. I didn’t get that balloon but one of the guys from the group stopped and asked if I wanted his and gave it to me. Made my night! It was a palm tree. I ran into that guy all night long at the club and we were the best of friends – we even ended up in their hotel room at 3 in the morning but that’s getting ahead of myself.

At the club, after paying the overpriced cover we danced our assess off. Interestingly enough I did not consume any more liquor (well except for one shot) but besides that I cut myself off. I was even offered drinks and I still said no. Huh.

It got damn hot in the club dancing up a storm so we kept taking breaks outside plus Crazy smokes so that was a good excuse to sit outside for a while. While sitting outside we met the first of many interesting guys. He was from Saskatchewan (or at least that is what his license said). He was a nice guy. He was black. I only say that cause for some reason I attract the darker skinned men. Seriously. I think it’s my ba-donka-donk. Eventually we met a few more of his friends. There were about 20 of them partying for a friend’s birthday. We didn’t meet any of the girls in their group cause they were not very friendly. When we were out on the dance floor they stood amongst the group and just looked angry watching everyone else in the club. Why are you there if not to have a good time??

Eventually I met another guy which I ain’t gonna lie I had a hard time remembering his name. It was a different name. He had no problem remembering my name. By the end of the night he was trying to date me. At first I tried explaining that it would never work cause we lived 7 hours apart but he advised me he would drive down every weekend for us to be together. He seemed so earnest and he wasn’t even drinking. A little intense. Finally it was time to go as the lights came up and after giving my rose to the washroom attendant (yah he bought me a rose) we tried to skip out from the men but they were having none of it. Saskatchewan and my new Club boyfriend were intent on coming with us. I finally told Club bf that the reason it would never work was because I was married and yes I was wearing my wedding ring. At first he didn’t believe me and thought I was joking. Then he was silent for a bit which I thought was a good sign. He blew me away when he said that “We could still find a way to make things work”. I tried talking to him some more – I’m not very good at being harsh to guys – but finally we had to lie and say we had to go as we stood outside a huge gorgeous hotel. Club Bf begged me for my cell number and then just an email address. I pretty much had to just ran off leaving my club boyfriend standing in the parking lot.

Once inside the hotel I learned that the other group of guys (balloon hat and his friends) were staying there as it turns out for a bachelor party. They had also been hanging out with us near the end at the club. The guy who gave me my balloon hat was flippin’ insane. He was so energetic we were all sure it was drugs. Two of the married guys tried to get freaky with Crazy and we finally had to escape from them as well. We said we were going out for a smoke and then literally ran out of the hotel. It was like a scene from a movie – we ran to the elevator and kept pressing the button to take us down, then we went too far down and couldn’t find our way out – finally I found the stairs and all 3 of us started running to get out of the building and away from all the men.

A quick 10 minute walk and we were back safe and sound at our motel. Then T decided to leave on her own at 3:30 in the morning to go find burgers……

10:54 p.m. - 2012-05-08


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