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Part 2......

I know what you're thinking...part 2? There's a part 2? Huh...I never even noticed. That's okay.


Okay now part 2 is not going to be an exciting continuation of the night - I'm sorry cause I did intentionally mislead you with this sentence:

"Then T decided to leave on her own at 3:30 in the morning to go find burgers....."

Well T did in fact leave - she was gone for almost an hour. T doesn't know the Falls. She just doesn't. But the girl was intent on leaving on her own, that still puzzles me, but at the time I was grateful not to have to walk anywhere as I was ready to pass out. But being the good friend I am (well sort of, a real good friend would have went with her) I did wait up for her to come back - unlike Crazy. Crazy just didn't care, she pulled the blankets over her head and passed out. I had cab money waiting when T came back with our burgers. Her and I ate on my bed and then we too pulled the blankets over our heads and passed out. Of course we were woken up almost 3 hours later to Crazy who was wide awake! She woke up to our noisy neighbours above us 'getting busy' on their squeaky bed....for a LONG time. We should have high fived the guy when he came downstairs for lasting so long! There was no going back to sleep after that. We were up for the day. The rest of the day was uneventful as we took almost warm showers, got dressed and left the room all before 10:30. We grabbed coffees and hit the road home. We did make a couple thrift store stops to Crazy's dismay. She hates shopping.

So here's where things get....interesting for lack of a better word. Keith and I have always had differing opinions about what is cheating. He has told me many times that kissing is not cheating. Whereas I take the approach that pretty much anything that goes beyond a handshake and a casual hug IS. So I wasn't worried about what I did. Yah I let a guy kiss me. If I had let him we would have done a LOT more. Them's are the facts. I think part of me was revelling in the whole getting hit on by a guy - near my age - and cute. Normally it is never me. It just isn't. It is T. Or Crazy or even my friend S that none of us understand?! It wasn't a pity crush or pity flirting either. So there was that. Then there was the part that just found out that those lumps in my stomach - not cancer! And of course there was a tiny part of me that did it just because Keith said I could. Yah.

So I pretty much just jumped into retelling my whole weekend when I got home....even the kiss. Keith was....shocked but hid it well. I totally downplayed it and maybe even made it sound like I was a total victim (as in innocent....). He teases me about it but I think deep down he was surprised as hell. That night we were in bed and he put the moves on me. On a Sunday night. Now I don't know about any other married couples out there but Sunday night is are tired and it's sleepy time. But he did, so I responded. We had some wicked eye contact going and it was then I realized that he was trying to gauge my reactions. It's hard to explain but I know he was doing some major thinking during our fun time. And then I got a calf cramp and the fun came to a screeching halt.

So that was my weekend. I'm not proud that I kissed another dude. I am happy that I felt absolutely nothing when I did kiss him. He had big soft lips and it wasn't gross but I didn't get the tingle I do when my boy kisses me.


And thats that. I wrote the above several days ago and just finally got around to posting it!! It's such old news I almost didn't. This week is gonna be even busier as we get ready for camping on the long weekend!!

8:09 p.m. - 2012-05-13


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