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Six Days

I had six days off and man alive it feels like I’ve been gone from work for weeks rather than days. I guess that’s a sign of a good vacation! We packed a lot into the first 4 and then the last 2 I pretty much did NOTHING. Bliss!!

If you remember I had the cough from hell last week. Thursday night I slept like crap – 3 hours of semi sleep and most of it spent propped up on pillows as my chest was making this rattling sound and I was wheezing. I drove Keith to work at 5am and on the drive home I wanted to weep as I was so exhausted and had so much to do to get ready for our camping trip. We had packed the car the night before but there were those 101 details left. I drove straight to an urgent care clinic (my favourite one is only open in the afternoons). I sat in the parking lot alternating between leaving and going home to sleep and staying to get checked out. Every time I thought of starting up the car I would remember my sleepless night and I would settle back in the seat. Soon the lobby of the clinic began to fill up at 7:30. I joined the masses and there we waited – about a dozen of us. At 8:05 someone else came in, tried the locked door and lo and behold it was open! The damn doors unlocked at 8:00 but no one told us. As I sat in the waiting room clutching my number I still had the urge to book it out of there. I felt like a fraud. Finally my number was called – I saw a doctor and he didn’t laugh at me or tell me to go home and suck it up. He listened to my chest and lungs and then prescribed me 2 inhalers, antibiotics and some nose spray. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. After getting my prescriptions filled (the pharmacists were amazed that everything was covered and told me how lucky I was) I headed home via tim’s.

I went home and thought I would nap but instead I had some breakfast and then began to take care of the 101 details. Just as I finished packing the car and was heading out to pick up a few groceries Keith called – he was getting off work early and was ready to be picked up. So much for taking it easy – it was go time! I picked him up and we headed on the hwy – only 20 minutes down the road (that’s why I dropped him off at work rather than him come home only to turn around in rush hour traffic). We made it there in great time and then we stopped for lunch before heading to the site to set up. We have learned that if one of us is hungry then set up is going to go very badly! After set up we had to make our first run to W-mart (one of three that weekend) for forgotten items. We had a great first night – we roasted hotdogs/sausages over the fire and had s’mores (me) and were in bed by 10pm!

Saturday we woke up broiling in our tent – we had for the second year in a row set up our tent in the sunniest spot possible. We were up by 8am although K went back to sleep till 10 – no such luck for coughing me. I slept better but not great – no death rattle as I had begun to call it! Around 11:30 we headed to the beach and spent the next few hours there waiting for the others to arrive. Around 1 we headed into town and came back to everyone setting up camp. We ended up piling into our car (6 of us) and headed down to the water to fish and swim. Really it was more of a dunk then a swim. This was the beginning of S pissing me off for most of the weekend by acting like she was attached at the hip to her bf. Originally the girls were going to send the guys fishing while the 3 girls stayed behind but S piped up about wanting to go too. Please note she did not have a fishing pole. So fine we all went and I told S that the girls would head over to swim for a bit while the guys fished and she was ok with it. She headed over to the washrooms with her bf and after a while I looked over and there she was in the water while her bf stood there knee deep staring at her. WTF?? This turned out to be theme of the weekend for these two. I don’t know what was up with S but if I were her I wouldn’t neglect her female relationships for the sake of a guy. Stepping off soap box now. T and I ended up swimming and splashing by ourselves for a while before joining the gang. That evening we all sat by the fire and S and her bf started another tradition of full on making out randomly in front of everyone. I seriously have no idea what was up with THAT. Tongues and all. I think her bf is way more affectionate when he drinks so they went at it every night. I can’t even bring it up to her cause she will accuse me of jealousy or being ‘old and married’ in her words when I told them to get a room. She just doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

Sunday was another hot day and we spent most of the day at the water. Although it quickly turned into a gong show when T and her guy were starving and borrowed my car to go back to camp to eat (K and I ate huge breakfasts’ every morning and didn’t have to worry about food for several hours). After T and J left S and her bf came and told us they were hungry and heading back to camp to eat. They had to walk but I figured they were ok with it cause honestly they only wanted to hang with each other. Eventually T and J came back and then we all headed back to camp and then back into town (to Wmart to exchange K’s fishing rod). We left S and her bf there figuring they wouldn’t mind. An hour or so later we ambled back into camp and S and her guy proceeded to sit by their tent out of site and not join us. We finally called them over as our guys were renting a canoe and wanted S’s bf to go and they had to leave pronto. They finally pulled away from each other and all of us had some gender divided fun. S was her fun self away from her bf. I hate when women lose themselves in men and it irks me that S is doing that.

Anywho – that night we sat around the fire and K was on a mission and had begun doing shots of tequila. I again had to squash his fun which left him mad at me for the remainder of the evening. I don’t regret it cause he doesn’t mind the taste of tequila but he totally lets loose and then in the middle of the night his stomach lets loose and I was having NONE of that. In the morning we were fine with each other. We were the first ones up and had begun to pack up while waiting for the others to wake. By 11 all of us were packed and the sun was broiling promising another hazy hot humid day. S then told me that they weren’t going to the beach as planned as her bf had a gig….that night. Ahem. Whatev. The rest of us headed to the beach where the guys decided to fish while T and I swam and sat in the sun. A few hours later we all called it a day and headed home around 2pm. The park was just starting to get busy and the line up to get in was insane!

Once home we ate and then I had a long cold shower (sunburned!). Around 6 we took a nap as we were heading to the movies that evening but first going out for dinner. We woke at 9pm! We found out the restaurant we chose was open til 11 so we were okay. We ate and then saw the 10:40 movie of Avengers. It was a good movie but I got a little drowsy right in the middle of it!

Tuesday I saw a movie with 2 old friends from my old belly dancing days. We met for dinner and then saw What to Expect…. It was quite the difference as the movie with K had 5 people in it including us and this movie (during regular hours and on cheap Tuesday) was so packed we had to sit near the front. The funniest moment happened when I decided I had to get up and pee or have my bladder burst about half hour from the end of the movie. I got out ok but on my way back in I think I kicked like 3 bags of popcorn. My 2 friends could not stop laughing – seriously tears running down face laughing.

Woo – this entry is long – better end here!

8:04 p.m. - 2012-05-24


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