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I logged on just to update this diary!

I got a bit of the Ďmalaiseí going on right now. I donít know if thatís even the right word for what Iím feeling but itís the word I want to use so there ya go. The more I thought about the reasons I am feeling this way the more reasons I came up with! That wasnít my intent. Iím just trying to pinpoint why I am feeling so down right now. I also want to force myself to write cause damnit the whole point of having a journal to look back on is actually writing stuff down when it happens!

So hereís a few reasons for my current malaise, in no particular order and definitely only a fraction of them:

∑ Post weekend depression

∑ The beginning of the 2 week cycle of only seeing my husband on weekends

∑ My stupid doctor

So the first and second are self explanatory Ė I had an excellent weekend with my family. I drove up to my parents Thursday night Ė had a great drive Ė just me and my cdís with the volume cranked as I belted out the words to some of my favourite songs. Friday my mom and I went shopping and to the spa where we had massages and pedicures. The girl who did my massage was a chatter box and it was a Ďrelaxationí massage only she wasnít very good at it. I still tipped her. Saturday my parents and I drove back to my place to pick up Keith. We had the worst server ever at the Timís near my house and before we took a bite of our food both my mom and I had the comment card half filled out. I was more pissed at the way the server treated my mom than myself. Nobody disses my family and gets away with it. Which reminds me, must go on the website and bitch cause for all I know the comment cards get picked up by staff who throw them out before the manager sees them!

Saturday afternoon we drove to my older brotherís place and had a bbq get together. I also managed to get some swimming time in. I stayed in too long though cause my calf cramped (along with my foot) and it took me 20 minutes to get out since every time I started towards the ladder I would cramp. Good thing I wasnít in deep water! I also forgot the fatherís day card I picked up that was from all his children Ė we all went in on a tv. It was supposed to go in their new trailer but itís too big for the cubby and my dad wants it in his bedroom anyway.

Sunday was church and then lunch at the Legion (Itís a fundraiser I know but they never get the orders right Ė and they write them down on pieces of paper with your name!). We played a couple games of banana scrabble and then Keith and I hit the highway home. My post weekend depression had already started by that point. It also was affected by Keith telling me our vacation in July is going to be pretty scaled down as we canít afford to do anything big or expensive. Color me depressed.

Last night we cuddled on the couch together watching some shows before I had to go to bed. Keith had to stay up till 3 or 4am so he could switch over for his work schedule. Again I got depressed as he laid beside me in bed for a few minutes. I donít mind solo girl time but I still miss the man and being without him for the week.

As for my doctor Ė well as you all know the saga with the stomach issues that hasnít changed. I got a call a couple weeks ago asking me to come in so he could go over my long ago test results. To my surprise he didnít talk about the reason or results for the stomach issue. Instead he told me he wanted to send me for more blood tests as the ones he did seemed to indicate I am anemic. He said something about low and abnormal red blood cells. Iíve always had low iron so I wasnít shocked. I put off going for the blood work till last Thursday when on a whim I went on my lunch hour. The very next day the office called and my doctor wants to see me regarding my test results. I guess he didnít trust I would follow up? I called as soon as the office opened this morning only to be told my doctor had a family emergency and is out today Ė call back tomorrow or Wednesday to see if he is in. Seriously?? My doctor is killing me.

It is effiní hot out and is going to be insanely hot later this week. It is going to be 41 degrees with humidity (thatís 105 farenheit) I believe. We never get that high. I shall be living in my basement during my home time. So much for walking this week!

10:47 p.m. - 2012-06-18


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