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do I see a bit of cloud in that blue sky?

Friday morning. Mid morning and I am not at work but sitting on my couch in my cool basement. Granted I just woke up at 10am so that's not so good but meh I knew my sleep schedule would get switched around. I was up when the hubs got home. My ear had been crackling all day so I poured some stuff in it and it seems to be much better today. I waited til the hubs was home to pour the stuff in my ear so a) I was pouring the right stuff and b) he was there if I went deaf or something.

Anywho let me just say 5 DAYS OFF IN A ROW BABY!!!! Ahem. I have no idea what our plans are. It is wicked hot outside. I would like to go outside and read etc but honestly I"m not sure how much I will do of that if I'm not near water where I can cool off! My secret desire was a rain day today - scandalous I know! Why? I wanted an excuse to stay inside and work on my stupid wardrobe. It's getting ridiculous. I still had a bag of summer clothes (a huge bag) still sitting there unpacked and I could probably have gone the whole summer without missing it. I have a lot of clothes. I mean I watch those shows where people have walk in closets and compared to that I don't. But compared to do what I do have - yah I have too much. I need to get rid of clothes I don't wear. It's also hard cause I don't want to start getting rid of winter clothes etc but I have to be brutal - if I haven't worn it in a few years will I ever wear it?? Ugh.

Last night I finally found a pair of shoes I bought LAST YEAR. I have looked for those damn shoes so many times and they were hiding way up in my closet. I text C and told her cause she's asked about them a few times.

One thing on the menu for sure today is a cappucino! A full blown caffeinated cappucino! I've had decaf all week. Last night I used too little milk but that's why I'm experimenting to find the perfect amount.

It took 16 emails between 4 women yesterday to figure out plans for a girls' movie night on Tuesday to see Magic Mike. Yup the male stripper movie. We finally got it all figured out and will be buying tickets online (my idea), meeting at 6pm to eat (my idea) and seeing the 8 o'clock movie. It will be packed of that I am sure. Cheap night and a girl movie. Done. Reminder to myself not to drink too much water at dinner, don't wanna leave in the middle of that movie for a pee - too much to miss!

Keith finished planning the rest of our vacation week! He won't tell me what we're doing. He just said I would need my passport and that it's not as far as Montreal. Um not really too many clues with that! It's sweet of him to plan it though. He hasn't booked a hotel yet though so he better get on that - maybe I will offer to do that today - that way he'd have to tell me where we're going! I love booking hotels and researching them all. Never go the cheapest - that is my advice.

The weather originally was questionable this weekend - rain etc - but now it seems to be sunshiny and clear - I just want to see fireworks!!

A'ight time to wrap up this rambly mess of an entry. I think I will go and try to make an omelet quietly - Keith is still sleeping.

10:22 a.m. - 2012-06-29


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