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Canada Day Wrap Up

It seems fitting that I wrote an entry the first day off my mini-vacay and now the last day (sob). Back to the real world tomorrow - boo. Anywho I had a glorious loooong weekend. It had it's ups and downs thoughs - read on.

Saturday I let Keith sleep in cause the guy was knackered. I'm gonna be honest I am trying to remember what we did Saturday! Oh wait I remember now - and wow it seems like it was so long ago! We drove to T dot and went to Rib fest! It could have been a bit better if I hadn't snacked but we had run errands before we left and Keith has to learn this girl can't go as long as he can without food (not with the big D). So yah the ribs while good were only...good....I know I would have appreciated them better if I was actually full on hungry. But I did get a $2 candy apple on the way out of the venue rather than pay $4 inside! (Plus I get a second chance at rib fest when we go with C and T in August)

Sunday we were deciding whether to go to the beach or leave it til Monday finally we just decided to go. I had to talk myself down when Keith went out to grab us lunch to bring to the beach. See I knew the beach would be packed and we had to go now. Right now. So while he was gone and I paced around the house I had to lecture myself and tell myself to calm down - the guy had gone out to get ME LOBSTER! He then proceeded to crack the first one up and made me a lobster roll for lunch. We finally got on the road and made it there around 1pm - of course the beach was super packed and there was no parking to be found. As a first Keith dropped me off at the beach area with all the stuff and he went off to find parking. I managed to find a small wedge of sand to park our stuff (seriously packed) and waited for him to come back. Once in the water it was all worth it - the crowds, the parking and the heat. The water was refreshing. A few hours later we headed to the car to eat our lunch (one good thing about off-site parking is that it's free). We ate our lunch (lobster roll was de-lish) and then walked back. Keith made a pit stop and was taking a very long time. Finally he arrived back at our spot with his 2 brothers, 1 sister and a nephew! They had just arrived and had ran into each other - the odds of that happening is mind boggling. So we spent the new few hours hanging out with them.

Around 6 the music was stopped (Canada Day celebrations - the music isn't normal) and everyone was told to get out of the water. Then a group of people got in joined elbows and began to walk up the beach while in the water. We soon found out they were looking for a person. The beach was silent. It was an eerie silence. Another group joined them and they seemed to be scanning a certain area that was quite close to where we had been swimming. Almost 30 minutes later a cry went up and all hell broke loose. Lifeguards ran into the water to help bring the lifeless body in. A group formed - I stayed back. A cheer went up at one point as I guess they had revived the person. But we all knew the person had been missing for an hour, and half of that time was without a doubt under water. The ambulance arrived and they quietly took the body away. The next day we found out it was a 27 year old man who was pronounced dead at the hospital. It was a sobering moment that's for sure.

Swimming had ceased even after the body was taken away. The lifeguards would not let people back into the water. Their shift ended at 8pm and after that people were able to go back in and swim. Keith and I had decided earlier in the day to stay for fire works. We swam a bit more and eventually went in search for food. It was 9pm and fireworks were at 10 but the beach was filling up fast. We decided to leave our stuff (yah we are those trusting people) and went and grabbed our food. We came back with the food to find the beach even more crowded! But our stuff was safe and sound and we ate our dinner and waited for the fireworks to begin. They did not disappoint. They lasted almost 20 minutes. Awesome. Even more awesome was our walk back to the car the crowd was so huge we took over the street. It was pretty cool. We thought we were off the hook in terms of our car being farther away so we would be able to get out easier - hahahaha - nope. We sat in traffic for way longer than I care to remember. We didn't make it home til 1am. Of course at 4am I woke up with a nauseous stomach and in a cold sweat. We figured I had a bit of heat stroke as I never drink enough liquids while out in the sun. I got through it and managed to go back to sleep.

Monday we did nuthin at all! We watched our shows and just spent time together. I knew Keith needed a day like this. I eventually left him to have some lone time to do his thing while I tackled my bedroom and sorting of clothes. Big job. Although I did get to have my second lobster for dinner (it was a picnic deal that included 2 lobsters and since Keith knows I LOVE them I got both!).

Of course I could not fall asleep last night so I saw 1am again. Which of course meant I slept in way to late this morning. Ah well. Tomorrow it's back to the real world and the schedule.

As for today? Well after this I plan on going to make some lunch and then hm I'm not sure. Keith will be home around 4pm and then at 5 we head to the chiro and then we will be splitting up as I head off to go to dinner and a movie with some girlfriends. Not a bad way to end a 5 day vacation - not bad at all.

12:25 p.m. - 2012-07-03


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