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In my quest to see and do as much as we can in Chicago during our 2 days we are there next week I fear that I am making our visit too structured. Itís a fine line between getting in all the sights and attractions and scheduling every second of your day so that you are too rushed to have fun! Iím trying my best and I guess I will just make a list of Ďsuggestionsí and not go crazy or get upset if plans derail and we miss out on an event or two. Number one priority should be Fun and number 2 should be getting in as much culture as we can. If this trip goes well I think I may suggest doing this every year Ė pick a different city in the States and go exploring! I honestly knew next to nothing about Chicago when I first typed the name in Google and now I feel so excited to be going there. I am like a sponge absorbing all these interesting and fun things to do and see in Chicago. I am also reading back history about it. I wouldnít have done this otherwise. Iím not one to learn for learniní sake. Sad but true.

Yesterday I ended up staying home from work. I woke up around 5am with an upset stomach. No idea what caused it this time. Like before my dream was of my upset stomach. This time my chiropractor was trying to help me to not feel ill. Ah dreams. I got up and chugged the pink stuff and managed to drift in and out til my alarm went off. I was still feeling gross enough not to want to go into work so I called in and managed to actually fall back to sleep til 9:30.

By the afternoon I was feeling myself once again. I did try to mop the floors but in the process broke the mop before I barely started. Oops. So I grabbed my book and headed to a comfy place to read for the afternoon.

I am so freakiní excited about going on vacation next week. I want to start packing but I am too unfocused so I only manage to wander back and forth between rooms and get nothing done. I should probably start by doing laundry tonight. Itís weird cause we donít go away til Monday morning to head for camping but I feel the need to do everything before the wknd starts cause Iím just so used to going away on the wknd. We are supposed to go to a bbq at one of Keithís sisters. In typical fashion of familyís we have no idea what day and have sent her an email requesting the info.

Oops - gettin' late - bedtime!

10:48 p.m. - 2012-07-10


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