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4 words you should never say: I told you so

This may be my last chance to get an entry in before we leave for vacation! I'm not gonna lie, it hasn't been an exciting weekend leading up to what I am now considering the start of our vacation - tomorrow. Why? Well the hubby decided to go against my advice and put in our back path this wknd. My reasons were sound - a) we're on vacation 2) It is effin' hot out so let's wait for cooler weather say end of August and c) I don't want to.

But he started it anyway - he tore up the old path with no problem as it was already crumbling and yesterday morning (7:30am) 'we' got started on it. He told me not to but I was hell bent on helping since it would forever go down in history that I didn't participate. It is now Sunday afternoon and the path is not even close to being done. The delays have been many - mostly supplies related - we needed more bricks/sand/rocks then he thought or he needed a rubber mallet etc. All valid. Now the excuse is wicked humidity combined with rain about to happen any second. It's been threatening that for hours. You have no idea how hard it is for me not to say I TOLD YOU SO. So hard. If I didn't think those 4 words would ruin our vacation I would totally be yelling them at him. But alas I would rather a happy husband next week than a pissed off one. But Lord almighty that man better listen to me in the future (ps he won't).

We did shop for our camping trip this morning and exchanged money for our road trip on Wednesday. Yesterday I even mananged to get us 99% packed for both trips - which never happens! Granted it took me most of the day and about 6 episodes of Gilmore Girls but it got done! (thank God for tv show marathons)

Tomorrow we will pack the car and hit the road to our camping site and then once we are all set up head to the beach where I will run not walk into the water cause I know I will be one hot sweaty mess! Humidity and me do not get along.

For today we will finish the last of our laundry and I will try and get the energy to mop the floors (we bought a new mop head yesterday so no excuse not to). I will try and gently prod the hubby to go out and work on the path if the rain holds. He is very good at starting projects but not so great on the follow through. I wish I could say I was different but I am exactly the same. I get excited about starting a project but then I am in the thick of it and I want to abandon it. But in this case the costly bags of sand that are already laying in the path will get washed away with any rain that comes and that my friends does not sit well with me. Wish us luck getting that path done!

Oh and thanks for the kind words to a fellow dlander - after reading your entry about guilt I did feel better about saying no to my family and staying home. And in even better news my brother and his wife sold their house already!!! It went on the market and the next day it sold! They were so worried about that. Of course now they must look for a new house and are dealing with mortgage issues but I am confident it will all work out for them.

Alright time to go and switch the laundry and take care of those last minute pesky details - which purse to bring?? Oh and maybe mop the floor while this caffeine is running through my veins!

12:24 p.m. - 2012-07-15


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