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Why yes I think I would like some cheese with this whine!

I feel like a tweener on summer break - I am walking around the house restless and bored. Oh there is a lot for me to do - watch my shows, read my library book, CLEAN....etc etc but I don't want to cause I'm booooored. It doesn't help that it's damn humid again. Forget how hot it is, it's the freakin' humidity that kills. I just got back from thrift shopping (yes again). I did buy my mom a tote bag. I spent a lot of time in the bag section cause I love looking at all different bags - big, small, crazy looking - you name it I love 'em. So I spent the last hour or so wandering there.

This morning was my doctor's appointment. I didn't have to have the 'woman' appt as it's every 2-3 years now (booyah) so my dr turned it into a diabetic appt and did the weigh in and gave me a sheet for another blood test etc. After that was a massage in which the poor girl spent almost all of the hour trying to get my upper back to loosen up. I swear I could feel my muscles resisting the whole time. She was using a lot of force but my muscles weren't budging - they like to be tense.

I have no idea what to do for the rest of the night. Last night I ended up taking a walk at 9:15. I threw on my new sneakers - shape up's and headed out. Now I've been reading about these shoes and I know that they aren't a miracle shoe that will make my butt look amazing but that's not why I bought them. I bought them cause a) I needed a new pair of sneakers and 2) they were $119 but in a clearance area for $20 and then another 30% off - booyah that's what I'm talking about! They are pretty funky to wear. You feel taller and bouncy. I could totally feel them in the back of my legs as I walked - which websites say is why people think they are making a big difference but apparently your body gets used to it. Whatev = the shoes were $15 and a novelty that actually got me out walking in this effin' humidity so I say rock on! I will probably go for another walk tonight. Probably.

And on that note imma gonna go and end this boring entry. Wish me luck on being somewhat productive tonight (did anyone say dishes??)

5:07 p.m. - 2012-07-27


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