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1 day done, 4 to go

Well I can already tell this week is going to be a hum-dinger. My emotions are so up, down and sideways it really isnít funny. One moment I am smiling over how surly I am the next I am boiling over with rage at the smallest injustice. Man, I love being a woman!!! Just once I wish a man could experience the hormonal hell women go through. Feh.

So my weekend could have been better (see above). Friday was as close to perfect as I got. Saturday I got up and around 11 went for a walk while waiting for Keith to get up. I was sweating up a storm by the time I got home an hour later as it was hot out. We grabbed a bite to eat (gyro pitaís) and then went out and did some shopping. Actually Saturday was pretty good too. Sunday though. Sunday was not a good day.

We got up around 10 and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing all day Ė not even shower or change. I did make the hubby put up curtain holders in our bedroom. For years I wanted those holders so I could pull back the curtains on both sides. Normally I pull back the one side that the window opens up on and twist the curtain and scrunch it behind the dresser/tv. Not a pretty site. Of course he got all pissy cause I made him do this. Okay he wasnít pissy cause of that, he was pissy cause nothing every goes right and he gets a short temper doing this stuff. He doesnít yell or anything but his body language is pissy. Of course that put little Ms PMS in the wrong mood so after he was done I was then all in a funk. I was bored but didnít want to do anything. I found books but none held my attention. I turned on the tv and mindlessly watched crime shows. Ugh I hate those days.

I hate to say it but I am seriously jonesing for some Fall weather. Well in a couple weeks I will be. After the cottage I will seriously be okay with summer being over. I like summer but I really miss the Ďwarmí days. This sweat your ass off, canít breath, wanna die days are too much. Although you know if I had a pool all bets would be off. Sigh.

Tonight I am going to start packing for the cottage. Part of me feels super bad and Iím trying to contain my excitement of going away for a week cause I really donít want Keith to feel bad. I know I would feel like crap if he was going away and was all excited about it. Iím not excited to be away from him. In fact if he was able to come I would be over the moon with excitement. I know part of him will be happy with spending solo man time living it up in the basement but I also know part of him will be bummed about not being there. But if beginning to pack this week makes me less insane and less bitchy then I say I gotta go for it.

In other less bitchy news! I set my alarm for 6:15 this morning Ė I was going to get up and walk! My alarm did indeed go off at 6:15 at which time I GOT UP, GOT DRESSED AND WENT FOR A WALK! I know! I kind of had this surprised/shocked expression on my face for the first several minutes cause I couldnít believe I was actually outside walking and not dreaming the whole thing. So I walked this morning. For like one of the first times ever. Oh fine I have done it before but itís probably been years. Good intentions and all that. Except for the damn earliness of the hour I love it cause itís super cool out! I actually SHIVERED when I first started walking. I wouldnít dare put on a sweater. By the time I got home half an hour later I was sweating. And thenÖ.then I packed my walking bag for work just in case the weather takes a break from being insanely hot! Hm except I forgot my music. Huh, just realized that I took my mp3 player home to change the songs and never took it back to work. Weíll see.

So I bought myself a ring. Iím calling it a birthday present to myself. Itís a nice one Ėaqua (glass)stones and sterling silver. I originally was buying it not only cause I liked it but to help a friend out who was hosting a jewellery party. Of course she mixed up the dates so when I ordered it online her hosting duties were ended so she gets no credit. I almost changed my mind but decided Ė to hell with it Ė I deserve it. Itís for my damn birthday! So um yah I ordered it while sitting beside the hubby and he didnít notice me entering my credit card at all.

9:01 p.m. - 2012-07-30


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