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2 for the price of 1...books that is

This morning I slept through my 6:15 am walking alarm. My dream state incorporated the alarm into my current dream so I awoke within seconds of it going off. Now to my defense my alarm is my phone and I have my phone on Ďquietí right now as thatís the setting I keep it on at work. Anywho I rolled over looked at the window and saw it was overcast Ė it had been threatening rain the night before. With hope in my heart I looked out the window hoping to see rain drops Ė damn not a drop in sight! I looked back at my bed longingly and then grumbled about the stupid weather not co-operating while I got dressed and went out and walked for the second morning in a row! Today was not as easy Iím not gonna lie. I was super tired still as I awoke around 1am with a bit of tummy trouble. But I decided not to use that as an excuse and to get my butt out there.

I learned on FB last night that T and her guy got a dog. Huh. Iím kind of interested to see if this will change things. A dog is a commitment and a half. Well I guess itís getting them ready for a baby since I hear those bundles of joy are a HUGE commitment!

I stupidly ordered 2 books from the library Ė I say stupidly cause the 3rd book in a series is located at the branch I deal with Ė the 2nd book is from a nearby library Ė they can transfer them but obviously it will take longer. Of course I got the notification that the 3rd book is ready for pick up. Argh. Iím hoping the 2nd book comes in before I leave on vacation.

Whattaya know I just logged onto the library website to check the status and itís telling me both books are in! I didnít get the second notification so letís hope they are right and both books are there. Hereís hoping the rain holds off at lunch and I can walk over and pick it up!


Well the rain held off! And I got to the library to find both books there waiting for me - I stupidly forgot to bring the first book back! But my co-worker walked with me to the library and she said if I go tomorrow she wants to come as she enjoys our chat and walk. So there ya go. It's still hot as balls at lunch so I'm not gonna even attempt walking on my lunch.

I'm still going through my boredom phase! At work it's all I can do to watch the clock hit 4:30 (doesn't help work is slow) but then when I get home I am done and feel bored. I hope this feeling will pass - soon. But I think I am going to go and force myself to start packing my cottage bag(s) - oh you know there will be more than one! The hubby is playing his computer game so I won't be missed. Later!

7:49 p.m. - 2012-07-31


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