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August Vacation - Week One

I'm not gonna lie I am Depressed (with a capital D right now!). I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. Even though I know once I get back to a routine I will be better for it. I just like this FREEDOM!

Anywho let's begin with a recap won't we? For my first week of vacation I went to a cottage with my parents and aunt and uncle. It was 5 1/2 hours away. I made the drive all by myself, just me and my gps. I packed myself a lunch cause I was feeling frugal. As I got ready to pull out of the driveway Tuesday morning I got a text from my sil. Her father had just passed away. Oh.

I sat for a few minutes unsure what to do. Do I go? Do I stay? Car was packed and I was already basically on the road so I just left. I text her back my condolences and then got on the highway.

The cottage was old but nice. My room was a screened in porch on the second floor that looked over the lake - gorgeous. I slept great at the cottage, better than I do at home. Of course I was up early every morning but my aunt always had a cup of coffee ready for me and within half an hour I was tucking into a big breakfast made by my aunt (she likes to cook but my mom and I did most of the cleaning - well my aunt did too).

Wednesday was my one full vacation day and the weather co-operated - it was sunny and nice and I swam and layed out reading all day. Thursday was overcast which was okay as we all piled into my dad's truck after lunch and headed 3 1/2 hours back to their place for the funeral which was going to be on Friday.

We got home to my parents and dragged all their furniture back to the living room (they had cleaned the carpets before they left). Then the 3 of us went out for a bite to eat (chinese). By the time we got back my sil and all her family were at our house killing time before the evening visitation. For some reason which I'm not questioning little D was super excited to see his aunt and screamed my name and came running into my arms! Ah kids. I stayed home with him while everyone left for the funeral home - 2 1/2 year olds are a nightmare at funerals fyi.

Friday was the funeral. For reasons I won't get in to here I didn't cry which is a first for me. I wanted to help watch D but he was having none of it. He only wanted his dad and he sobbed his heart out till my brother was forced to come get him. Even then he had to stand at the back with him the whole time - I felt bad for my sil not having my brother - her husband- be there for her.

After the funeral and small luncheon we headed back to the cottage - 3 1/2 hours once again. Friday was a write off vacation wise. Saturday was the day of the family reunion. Luckily the aunt in charge of the reunion this year had ordered a tent because it rained off an on all day. Buckets would fall and then the sun would come out and be sizzling.

Sunday we all packed up early and my parents and aunt and uncle left around 9am. I had time to kill as I was visiting my sil and brother on the way home. I sat outside by the water with my book as the sun came out. Then my sil text and said they weren't going to church so I could come anytime. So much for relaxtion! I packed up and hit the road once again.

I stopped at the small downtown and mananged to spend over an hour looking at a few stores. I bought a gift for my parents and then an expensive necklace for myself. After a quick bite to eat I headed over to see my sil and brother and little D. They were staying with her brother and his family. They built their dream home on a lake and it was a gorgeous house. My sil's mom was also staying with them. We hung out for the afternoon down by the water and out in the boat. Then I had 5 years taken off my life watching little D hang on for dear life on a water tube - okay so his 2 cousins and his uncle who is a doctor was there with him but still watching those little hands clutch the tube killed me!

We then had a wonderful dinner and I was so lazy even though I knew I had to hit the road as I still had 5 hours to go! Everyone was super nice and convinced me to stay the night. I didn't decline! By 11 all of us were nodding our heads ready for sleep! We managed to make it to the end of the Olympics and headed for bed. I slept on the floor on an air mattress while my sil's mom slept in the bed - we were good roomies. She was doing really well all things considered.

Monday morn was pretty quiet and I eventually left for home around 11 - I stopped at a scenic spot and took some amazing pictures. Then I drove about an hour and stopped to shop a little and for a quick bite to eat. I was in no hurry to get home as you can see. I did finally buy my chicago sweater though - in this small Cdn town!

Finally I got back on the road and realized with a sinking stomach I would be hitting rush hour traffic in Toronto. I did. My bladder did not appreciate it. I finally found an exit and got off for a bathroom break and dinner. Back on the road again, more traffic and then finally, finally I was pulling into my driveway around 8pm I believe.

**This is where I have decided to make this Vacation recap a 2 parter.

Now I need to go put on a pot of coffee, get some energy and then start getting in the mind set for going back to work tomorrow - oh and going back to exercise - cause that word has not happened at all in 2 weeks!!

11:18 a.m. - 2012-08-19


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