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August Vacation - Week Two!

Now let me just say that having 2 weeks off in a row is freaking awesome. It also spoils you to no end. Week two began with a loving reunion between me and my husband. We went on a lunch date to our chiropractor and then actually out to lunch! My hubby had a 'sore' back so he called in sick and we spent the day together. Me thinks he missed me more than he let on!

Wednesday was my regular swim night with T. She came over for dinner and then we went swimming. Nothing special but still awesome cause I didn't have to work the next day! That night after obsessively checking the weather report for Thursday I packed a bag for the beach and a picnic lunch. The next morning after one more check on the weather to make sure those thunder storms were going to stay away I packed my car and headed and off to the beach for the day. I think Keith thought I was insane to drive an hour to go to the beach by myself but I knew I'd have a good time if the weather stayed good. Luckily the weather did indeed stay nice. I got to the beach around 11, picked a spot, set myself up and then proceeded to spend the day lounging in the sun, sand and surf. Bliss. I even took a walk at the end of the day before I left - I was of course delaying leaving. It was too overcast by then for a nice sunset but I was okay with leaving at 8pm rather than 9.

Friday I took myself out to a matinee. I saw the Meryl Streep movie. It was me and about 6 old people in the theatre. But I didn't care. It was a good movie. The ending worried me a bit and I thought I was going to have to write a bad review but luckily I walked out of there happy. Even though I shouldn't have I then went to a favourite thrift store as it was so close to the theatre and it was technically my last vacation day. I bought 2 pairs of super sweet work pants and a couple other things. Then I went home and stayed up until the hubby got home around 12:30.

Saturday was nothing special. We had to take our pvr in as it up and died on us. Luckily I had watched all my recorded shows - I would have been pissed if all my Big Brother's had vanished before I watched them! We had to get a new machine - a better machine that we will be paying less money for - interesting how that works! We then went and had a very bad lunch (bad as in oh so bad for us but oh so good). Let's just say there was ice cream involved! Then it was home to relax for a bit before heading out for the evening. We went to a comedy show. Apparently I was trying to channel Fall cause I wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt and sweated the whole time we were in the club. Oh how foolish of me. After the show we were both hungry so we drove to what I now call "our pub" and we had wings.

Sunday was.....well Sunday. Blah day. But you already know that. So there you have it my 2 weeks off. Not terribely exciting or interesting to anyone but me I'm sure.

Going back to work wasn't as hard as I thought. It's work, I can deal. Although dealing with people dramas was not so easy. T's mom cried telling me about her fight with her daughter and son-in-law. Thankfully today they made up. Hopefully.

The other drama isn't so easy to resolve, my co-worker and friend confided in me that her husband made a pass at another woman. She is devastated to say the least. I guess they did a lot of talking/arguing for a good week and have decided to stay together but I know her heart is still breaking. I hugged her cause that's all I could do. They have been married over 30 years.

Then...just now I logged onto FB after being off a couple days and found out an ex-co-worker who just had a baby (she's probably 25?) posted that her fiancee is dead. WTF? I am blown away. I have no idea what happened but my heart goes out to her and her newborn daughter.

Alright time to wrap this up, I need to go and take my mind off other people's problems. All yesterday I walked around sad due to other people's problems. I desperately need some happy news.

5:38 p.m. - 2012-08-21


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