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Get off my lawn!!

I used to be a mellow person. Very mellow. It was just my nature. But as time ebbs on I seem to be veering towards the other side. Do not get me started on my road rage when I am in traffic. I have become way less tolerant the more I drive with a-holes all around me. Why can't people just learn how to drive AND then keep that knowledge in their head?? Just sayin'.

Last night by the time I got home from work I was in such a foul mood I went right to the basement and flipped on my yoga dvd and zen'd out. It worked. I wasn't just upset about traffic (although the a-holes were out in full force believe you me) but I was peeved at my hubby. 'His' car was acting up - the brakes. A week later he left me a note telling me to drive the car so I could see how bad it was. Holy hell I was pretty sure we shouldn't even be on the road with the brakes that bad! I was upset cause rather than ask me to book an appt to get our brakes done he tells me to drive it as if I wouldn't believe we needed them done. Men.

But I am over it. Today we took the car in and got it good as new. It took 3 hours but cost a few hundred less than the quote I got at another place so we were happy. Well I was, Keith had to leave for work by that point so he hasn't got to drive the end result.

Not sure what I have in store tonight. I was pretty stoked to watch Big Bro to see who was evicted buuuut I stupidly went on FB real quick and someone said who was evicted. I would like to go and slap that person but she lives in Nova Scotia so I'm sure by the time I got there I'd be over my pissyness. But oy people quit being spoilers on FB!!

Tomorrow is Rib fest in Cammy's home town. Keith and I are meeting up with her and her hubby to eat some grub and then later head back to their place to maybe go hot tubbin'. We'll see if it happens.

I spoke to S last night for over half an hour. We are both psyched for our girls long wknd. Our friend A is of course a 'maybe'. She is a maybe right up to before the car leaves either with her in it or not. No big whoop S and I will have an awesome time together with our without her. That's what decades of friendship does for ya!

Alright gonna post this and watch the anti-climatic Big bro episode. I guess now I won't have to get anxious watching the show tonight! Um I guess that's me looking on the bright side?

6:19 p.m. - 2012-08-24


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